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  1. J

    zz4 in C2

    I have a 64 numbers matching 327 300hp. I am considering putting in a new ZZ4 crate engine and have a few questions. Has anyone had any experience with the zz4 engine in the C2? The 327 is in good condition with no problems, I plan to keep it, will changing the engine affect the value of the...
  2. J

    Problem with Half shaft u joints

    I just replaced the u joints on one half shaft on my 64. No the shaft binds up and makes a noise when I drive in (slow). I put the shaft back with the wheels hanging down. Could this be the problem? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. J

    64 transmission rear mount question.

    I am having a vibration at about 55 mph and not above or below that speed. Tires and wheels check out ok. My old rear transmission mount appeared to be compressed so I replaced it. I still have the vibration and now I have noise from the transmission area. My question is could there be different...
  4. J

    64 convertible top problem

    I had a new soft top installed with new weather striping ( cost a forture) The problem is the top fits too low just above the rear top edge of the door. When the door is closed it pushes the weather striping toward the inside of the car. This has pulled the weather striping away from the...
  5. J

    64 temperature gauge.

    I have temperature gauge that does not work. I replaced the sending unit with a new correct one. The sending unit works but the gauge doesn't. How can I check out the gauge without removing the instrument panel. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. J

    64 brakes

    I puchased a 64 convertible in January this year. I am having brake problems. the left rear brake locks up. I have put new springs and adjusted the brakes. the brakes had been rebuilt before i got the car. that my be the problem. when i adjust the brakes and drive a few miles, the pedel...
  7. J

    64 brakes

    I just obtained a 64 vette. The emergency brakes will not release. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to release? I can not get the drums off because the drums were placed where the access hole does not line up with the brake adjusting wheel. Thanks
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