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  1. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Service Rear Axle.

    So about a week after the warranty ends I get this message in the DIC. 2017 Grand Sport 7 speed. Didn't seem to affect anything until I went on my favorite exit with the off camber dog leg. I usually hit this one at around 95 or better. Now I can feel the rear end fighting itself. Anyone have...
  2. korvettekarl

    Help! 1990 ZR1 intermitant starter problems

    I have 1990 ZR1 with 58 K miles. Suddenly started to have a problem starting. Push starts every time. Relay? Starter? I don't want to pull the intake if I don't have to. Does anyone have any ideas where I should start? Any known issues. The car has ben great up to now. Any help is always...
  3. korvettekarl

    1969 T Top dimensions

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions for T Tops on a 1969? Daughter has a 69 with some frame work done. Obviously incorrect as the T Tops don't fit. Before I get out the plasma cutter I would like to know the correct dimensions. Thanks.
  4. korvettekarl

    Question: Strange Transmission noise

    When sitting at light in 2017 Grand Sport in 1st gear or when coming to a stop, getting noise exactly like my 08 Z06 has when sitting a light with it in first gear with the clutch in. Only problem is this a automatic transmission. Anybody have a similar complaint. I took it to Henderson...
  5. korvettekarl

    Press Release 2017 Grand Sport ELSD question

    When I bring up the Performance graphics I see the display for the ELSD and it shows 30% on the right rear wheel and 0 % on the left rear at a dead stop and doesn't change unless under HEAVY torque. Anyone else having this problem? I don't like taken my cars to the dealer unless I have major...
  6. korvettekarl

    New Gran Sport

    Well the first Gran Sport hit Vegas yesterday. I couldn't help myself and even though I will be sleeping on the couch for about a month, I bought it. Watkins Glen Gray and all the options. Traded the 14 Z51 Premier Edition Stingray. This is my first automatic tranny so, I am still struggling to...
  7. korvettekarl

    Question: Z51 tire replacements

    Any one have a favorite tire replacement for 2014 Z51? I have gotten far more miles than I ever expected out of the stock Pilot Sports. I have just over 20k on them. I usually get between 8k and 12k before searching for new rubber. Are the non run flats a large improvement over the run flats? I...
  8. korvettekarl

    New Stingray

    Finally closed on a new Premier Edition Stingray Z51. Laguna Blue with the Brown interior. Number 283 of 500. This thing is awesome. Got rid of the 2013 ZL1. Nice car but what a gas hog and when the blower sucked itself, was over a month to find the parts.
  9. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Installed a HUD this weekend

    Let me tell you something. Make sure you order this thing from the factory. Although is wasn't that hard, is was very time consuming. I took about 6 hours total time spread over 3 days last weekend. It's very hard for a guy like me who has broken as many bones as I have to sit in the cockpit and...
  10. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Slipstream Blue Grand Sport

    I traded my 07 Z06 for a 2010 Grand Sport. The power difference is noticeable. I will have to do something about that. Otherwise it might as well be a Z06.
  11. korvettekarl

    Loss of value

    What can I do about the 10K loss of value I am going to have once I get my car back from the body shop? I was hit on December 16 on the right rear wheel. Broke the upper A-arm as well as the wheel. Also had to replace the rear tub because some cracking in that are. The body shop is GM and is...
  12. korvettekarl


    Well it has been about a month since I put the Bridgestone Potenzas on my Z. Not a lot of difference grip wise but they are quieter a smoother ride. Just a little over 4k miles in that month. I drove from Vegas to Portland Oregon and back. If you can, avoid the streets in Portland. Bumpy as all...
  13. korvettekarl

    Help! 88 fuel pump not coming on

    Have an 88 lying around that i thought we would clean up abd sell. Fired a couple times and now the fuel will turn on any thoughts suggestions where to start? Thanks in advance. just checked it with Actron code reader and it says no codes present
  14. korvettekarl

    Help! 64 rear spindle

    Can anybody give me some instructions to change the rear spindle bearings on 64? Special tools? Pictures? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. korvettekarl

    64 differential yoke

    Can anyone tell me what the yoke width on a 64 should be? I have a guy that is not very car savy but wants me to order a new differential for him. The car is in Cal or I would go and measure myself.
  16. korvettekarl

    Traded the 05 for 07 Z06

    Just got back from the local dealer with my 07 Z06. Dwayne will be happy to know that it is yellow. What a car.
  17. korvettekarl

    WTB auto tranny shifter

    I need a shifter for a turbo 400 big block . in a 66..
  18. korvettekarl

    Injector replacement

    OK here is the deal. I recently tore the fuel rails off of my 90 ZR1. I bought new injectors and had to purchase the primary bottom o rings separately from my local Chevy dealer @ $18.32 a peice. I now need to know if you put the primary o rings in the manifold first or put them on the injectors...
  19. korvettekarl

    Minding my own business...

    So there I was minding my own business pulling out of the 7/11 with coffee for me and my buds at our shop when this guy with an expired Mexican driver's license decides now is a good time to run the red light. My 05 DSOM is now in the body shop at Fairway Chevrolet and I have 2nd degree burns on...
  20. korvettekarl

    1995 Owner's VHS tape

    Still in the box original owner's tape for 1995 Corvette. $10. plus shipping.
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