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    Help! Passive door locks on a C5

    Thanks for the reply. Actually it turned out to me being a Knucklehead. When I changed the battery, I accidently slipped the switch to on and didn't notice it. I cheeked both FOBs and made sure the switch was off and it works fine .
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    Help! Passive door locks on a C5

    I just replaced the batteries on my Passive key fobs. The passive lock has always been turned off. Now the car keeps locking every few minutes and sounds the horn. I tried to turn it off and on with the DIC. It still beeps every few minutes. Anybody know the proper way to disable passive locks...
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    exhaust tips

    Looking to replace the exhaust tips to gloss black. Looking online, I see both round and oval tips available. I have an early 1997 C5 Vin less than 2000. Will either tip fit? Short of crawling under the car in mid winter just to look, i tend to ask and take the easy way out. Thanks
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    Help! power driver's seat

    My driver's power seat will not move in the backward position. I can move the seat forward, but when I try to move it back, nothing happens. If I play with the switch, sometimes it will move back. Thinking this was my problem, I bought a new switch and took the seat out and replaced the switch...
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    Help! sound deadening

    Getting ready to put sound mat in the rear of my'97 C5. Can't seem to figure out how to get the roof hold downs out of the floor. Any Ideas out there? The holders come out with a twist, but the plates not so much. Thanks David
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    code P1518

    while out driving the car suddenly lost power and the message " service traction system" came on. I shut the traction off and the car seemed ok (with check engine light on). Got home and ran the OBDII and found code P1518. That code comes up at throttle body problem. So anybody have an idea...
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    Help! Broken vacuum line

    After coming close to taking a front fender off to get to the vacuum tank, I found a broken vacuum line under the battery box. According to the shop manual it's the I/P harness vacuum line. My problem is, I can't find the other end where it goes into the Dashboard. I put everything back...
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    Help! 1997 radio Antenna

    need advice (help). the antenna connection at the rear hatch is broken off in my '97. I've been able to connect the wire in a semi- permanent manner. It has however fallen off a few times. If I uncover the antenna module, can I substitute a mast antenna connection to replace the rear window...
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