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  1. Steveo1955

    Seat removal

    How easy is it to remove the seats in my 78 Vette"??, and any helpful suggestions would be gratly appreciated!!
  2. Steveo1955

    78 Power Antenna

    Looking for Delco, Power Antenna for 78 Vette. Eckler's has replacement's that fit anything & nothing,..takes more rigging than it's worth. I've tried Corvette America / Corvette Central,...and no go!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would really like to stick to original...
  3. Steveo1955

    Custom Auto Sound Radio??

    Anybody have an experience with with the Custom-Auto Sound CONCOURS 6 Radio. It's really working great, all but the clock! It reads military time instead of standard time,....no help in the owners manual, and looking for some help from some of you guy's, or gal's which ever the case may be. It's...
  4. Steveo1955

    NO AC...Replacement Piece??

    Can someone PLEASE help with with this piece showing in the red box?...What is it called,....and where might I get one. I have no AC in the car and want to get one just like this one! My Wiper switch is not located on top of this piece,...should anyone know where i can purchase this piece or has...
  5. Steveo1955


    Can someone help me out with the STINGRAY Name? What is considered A Stingray,...what what isn't? Thanks fellows!
  6. Steveo1955

    Help with Audio install

    Just purchased from CustomAutoSound a USA 6 with 10 disc CD changer. My reasoning is that I do not want to screw around with the Instrument cluster, So they tell me that this radio fits right in with no modifications. (we'll see)... Here's the question,....Where should I place and mount the CD...
  7. Steveo1955

    78-Rear Security Shade?

    In my Owners manual it states I have a rear security shade,...which I do, however I don't see them listed on any vendor site's. Is there a possibility that am calling it the wrong thing, and if thats the case,....what should I be looking for? In advance,.....Thanks guys!!
  8. Steveo1955

    Newcomer,...with a few questions

    Newcomer and somewhat baffled,....does anyone have any idea on how I can adjust the seat-back angle on my 78 vette,....also,, has anyone any experience with the exhaust manifold shields that are sold by EKLERS? Glad I found this site,....cuz I gotta tell ya,....am sure I'll have a million more...
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