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  1. GerryLP

    Important! 1968 Vette, 427, Convertible, (has both tops), Manual Transmission

    Hello folks, i saw this car for sale at a local swap meet. I believe the old lady told me that it belonged to her brother. The engine is supposedly a, "warranty dealer replacement", and she believes she has paperwork related to the car. I want to say the car was originally Mulsanne Blue, but I...
  2. GerryLP

    Chas' wife, Theresa, passed away

    I regret for my post in while to be bearing sad news, but Chas' (Charlie) wife Theresa, passed away. I believe it was unexpectedly, for he texted me that his son Ben (look up Chas' postings about his son Ben's exploits in the Army; he is now an H-60G pilot; graduated top of his class, with about...
  3. GerryLP

    Old Corvette Parts shop going out of business

    Hello everyone, The owner of Carter Corvettes in Livermoore, CA told me four years ago that he was looking to retire and close down his business. Well, it is happening this year. This guy swapped the calipers in my Vette back in 1986, to stainless steel coated ones, and they are still...
  4. GerryLP

    Why get hot over miles?!?!

    Hi folks, Upon returning from Bud's Roast, Gail began to give me problems again. Getting hot after so many miles. It's been a problem i have been chasing for a while. The usual scenario is me driving Gail cross country somewhere. She'll drive fine 4 or 6 hours, and then, the water...
  5. GerryLP

    Hi beam stuck on

    Has anyone had the hi beam setting stuck? Did you replace the switch or did a trick or quick fix corrected the problem?
  6. GerryLP

    Question: How Low Can We Go? :)

    Hello folks, Long time no-posting salutations. I finally got a replacement low fuel warning module for Gail, but I can't remember when about I am supposed to see the low fuel warning light glow. The owner's manual says at approximately 2 gallons left. I drove the vette until the needle was...
  7. GerryLP

    Please take care of your baby (the Vette) after making it your own

    We have all seen videos of folks doing stupid stuff, and perhaps burnouts are the worst culprit. Don't spend all that money and time and money and time on your Vette, and then show off...specially burnouts. Credit to Bangshift.com who posted it in facebook. Corvette catches on fire during...
  8. GerryLP

    Video: Demo on what the dwell meter needle looks like adjust air metering valve on E4ME

    Ok folks, I was adjusting the carb in Gail yesterday (long story, but timing setting jumped). And so I thought I post a video showing the dwell meter needle "hunting" or moving to reflect the varying levels during operation...
  9. GerryLP

    I Forgot what a PITA is to deal with ignition wire's heat shields :/

    What a PITA is to deal with ignition wire heat shields. And perhaps, the worse portion is the #6 and #8 heat shield :/ the left side of engine is not too bad, but the difficulty goes up a notch if you choose to not remove the air cleaner snorkel duct on the passenger side for #2 & #4. I had to...
  10. GerryLP

    I Placed Down Payment on an Armstrong Steel Garage Yesterday

    I am stoked!!! Yesterday, I took the plunge on a garage kit that I can build in my house's 1/2 acre lot. :D It is an 18' X 18' X 10' structure. I'll have a project manager to help me get it done the way I want it. I can also have up to 6 months to accept delivery of the kit. This will allow me...
  11. GerryLP

    Question: I have a question for the experts or folks who have dealt with the E4ME carb

    I have been troubleshooting the original carb on Gail lately. She starts late (after second or third crank), the choke does not engage to get her to 2,200 rpm, and when she idles, she stumbles and dies off after idling for a while (almost as if she is not getting enough fuel in the reservoirs of...
  12. GerryLP

    Upgraded Brake Lines to SS Brake Line Set

    Well folks, Gail's brakes where scaring me a bit. When I pressed the brake pedal relatively fast, it would travel further than if I pressed the brake slowly, and so I embarked on a troubleshooting quest to get to the bottom of the problem. And with a car on its 30th year since production...
  13. GerryLP

    Gail Undergoing a Car's Version of Angioplasty Operation...sort off... ;)

    About 4 Saturdays ago, I went to Santa Fe. It was a real nice drive on a real nice day. Cold and crisp outside, Gail was running pretty good. On my way back, she began to idle rich. I thought that it could be the change in altitude from 5K feet to 7K feet, but I felt that the computer...
  14. GerryLP

    Question: What is the (no BS) true tint color of the glass T-Tops for the L81's???

    Until the search feature is improved, what is the true tint color for the glass T-Tops in the L81's??? Is it blue or green??? GerryLP:cool
  15. GerryLP

    News: L81's do very well in Barret-Jackson Auction Tonight

    That's right guys! Tonight, B-J had a couple #1 production L81's averaging $150K each :eek:eek:eek:eek They were for charity, and one was the first one from the St. Louis plant and the other one the first one from the Bowling Green plant, but hey! We're batting a better average these days with...
  16. GerryLP

    It is true! Cars Breakdown From No Usage

    I am beginning to believe that cars breakdown with little to no usage...that is, the more they sit, the higher the likelyhood that it will breakdown next time you use it. Case in point, my beloved Vette! :eyerole:ugh;squint:;) Today, I decided to cruise it to my work. Just as probably all of...
  17. GerryLP

    Help! There is Something Not Right With My Gail, but I Cannot Figure It Out...yet...:)

    Gail is running warmer than usual, and I can't seem to figure out why..:( She runs at 200 degrees after warm up, but after a while, she develops some sort of heat soak, and the gage climbs to 230, 250, and ever closer to the red band. She was doing this with her stock carburetor, and still...
  18. GerryLP

    Cruise Fest Festivities Have Begun

    Well here I am with Toms01(and wife Rosemary), C5Y2K, and Old Yeller are now waiting for the Monsoon rain to pass before we head to the Fire Fly Grill for dinner. :L But earlier, we were at the reception that Mid America hosted for us. Special thanks go out to Mike Yeger And his assistant Lori...
  19. GerryLP

    L81's TH350C Swapped for a TH200-4R

    I had her transmission rebuilt a few years ago, and it runs very strong indeed; however, with fuel prices not ever returning to below $2.00 per gallon, I decided to find a way to extend her range and mileage. The option was to either go back to her old rear end ratio (she now has 3.31:1 gears...
  20. GerryLP

    News: Stolen 1965 Vette back in 1970 found

    This is a link to where I found the story... http://1965 Vette stolen in 1970 found! GerryLP:cool
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