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    Shop/Mechanic recommendation

    Greetings fellow C2 enthusiasts.. I have not posted in a while. Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. I am hoping to get some guidance/recommendation on a shop or person who can help with my 66's carb. It is a Holley carb 4160, list 7010...not the original carb. I rebuilt the...
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    Holley Carb Question

    I am currently rebuilding my Holley - not the original - it is list 7010, so model 4160. I am intending to order the trick kit 33-933 but in corresponding with Holley they say the Pump Discharge Needle Valve - #74 in the EXPLODED VIEW - MODEL 4150/4160 is an obsolete part now and not included...
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    Continuation of Master Cylinder story

    Well, today I bench bled the master cylinder to get all the air out of the piston which I thought was going fine until I noticed brake fluid leaking out of the rear of the piston.:mad This was the reason I had to buy a new one in the first place. So, back it goes to Ecklers who are shipping...
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    Master Cylinder install question for my 66

    Hi there- The new master cylinder I just received from Ecklers has a rubber boot on it and I would like to know if I keep it on the cylinder throughout the installation or do I remove it at some point and then reinstall it. If you have any additional installation tips I would appreciate...
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    Melting taillight

    My passenger side taillight (red one) on my 66 appears to be melting from the heat of the bulb. I'm almost 100% sure that I replaced all of the bulbs at some point years back to make sure the correct ones were being used. Can there be anything else to cause melting of the lens? Thanks...
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    Finally - Pictures of my 66

    Had the car out yesterday between rain storms and decided to take a few pics with my phone. They came out ok but could be better...I will try again with my digital cam corder when I figure out how to use it.:D Happy New Year to all of you.
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    Need help identifying my carb.

    I know it's a Holley, 4 barrel, double pumper. It is on my 66 327 but certainly not the original carb. Would you say something this big is probably a 850cfm? Maybe too much carb for my car since the stock ones where what....600-650cfm. The reason I'm asking is that the car has been stumbling...
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    Lubricant Question.

    Went to PEP Boys this weekend to find gear oil for the 66. Settled on the Shell Heavy Duty 80w. I know the manual says you need a special kind for a posi rear. What kind are you guys using and where are you finding it? Also, what kind of lubricant are you using for the steering box? Your...
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    Space, time, continuum

    So, do you think if someone went back in time to 1967 and ordered a new L-88 and brought it forward in time to the present, all the documentation such as the Black Book would state 21 L-88's sold in 1967? :L This Sunday is looking pretty good weather wise for the show in Paramus, NJ Any one...
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    This ever happen to you?

    Sunday was a beautiful day here in New Jersey to take the 66 out for drive. The car loves the cool fall weather and yesterday's temp. didn't get over 60-65 degrees. Perfect. I was on my way home when I heard something hit the bottom of the car near the driver's side seat. I know that...
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    Auto Line Detroit on Sunday morning had two marketing people from GM talking about the E85 fuel and their flex vehicles that can take the fuel. On the website e85.com I see it is rated at 105 octane and should cost no more than regular gas plus its great for the environment. Could we see GM...
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    C6 Corvette Sales

    Does anyone know or does anyone think that sales of the C6 in those states where front license plates required are less than the C5? Here in New Jersey we are required to have a front plate and I like many others here in the forum I dislike the bracket intended for use. I for one would not...
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    Trip to Carlisle

    I should have posted this as a new thread now that I think of it and not in my rambling response to 67HEAVEN. I havn't been to Carlise since 98 when took the 98 conv. there when I belonged to the c5 registry. I got to the show at approx. 8:30 on Sunday after a 3 hour drive from NJ. It was...
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    Knock-off wheel spare question.

    I could be wrong but it seems finding a extra knock-off wheel for a spare is getting harder to find than Bigfoot.;LOL It seems every time I check one of the parts suppliers the wheels are on backorder AND the price is going up! I ordered some parts today and inquired about a spare wheel...
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    Help needed in removing battery tray.

    I need to remove the battery tray in my 66 for a repaint. From what I can see 1 out of the 3 bolts are accessable while it looks as though I'll have to remove the inner fender well to get to the other 2. Any other way than that? Thanks in advance.:w Nick
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    So the Pontiac GTO has the same 400hp engine as the C6 for approx. 35k. Tell me again why we shell out another 10k - 15k for our Corvettes? We have better handling you say? If I'm next to a GTO at a light I'll bet the GTO owner is not going to be saying "but the Vette has better handling"...
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