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    Rear Grinding Sounds

    OK all, I'm looking for advice again. This week I FINALLY got my 79 on the road. It has been a long, slow process putting in my Kiesler 5-speed, new interior and true dual exhaust system. Coming home from work yesterday I decided to get off the x-way to drive the car a bit. When accelerating...
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    Recommended Thermostat

    I have a leaking water pump on my 79 L-82, I am planning on replacing it with a Stewart Short Stage 2 pump. They recommend also replacing the thermostat and recommend either a 160 or 180 degree Robert Shaw unit. I've searched the forum and can't find any articles or specifications on the...
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    GPS Tracking System

    Has anyone added a GPS or Lojac type tracking system to their C3? Since seeing that C3 era Corvettes are among the most stolen cars, I think I'm getting paranoid and thinking of adding a security system to my '79. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Fan Shroud Removal

    Well CAC members, you've helped before, so I know you will be able to help again. I am trying to remove the Fan Shroud in my 79. I've referenced two manuals that I have with no luck. I've removed the fan from the center pulley, the air intake is off, the air cleaner is off, the shroud is...
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    C3 Shock Absorbers

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace the shocks on my '79. I do no racing, but do prefer a firmer ride. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good all-around shock?
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