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    Question: One Piece Pan Gaskets

    I'm getting ready to replace the pan gasket on the 383 stroker in my '62. I had a small drip at the rear of the pan (rear main is dry). It's a 1969 block with two-piece rear main and thin front seal. FelPro sells a one-piece gasket and I'd like to know what you guys think of those vs the...
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    Question: C1 Side Motor Mounts and Rack & Pinion Steering

    I'm looking for advice from anyone who has installed side motor mounts in a C1. I have a 383 stroker (430 HP, 520 ft-lb) in a 1969 block, in my '62, with a Tremec 600 5-speed and 3.36 posi rear end. The bell housing was dialed in per Tremec's specs. The flywheel was resurfaced prior to...
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    Question: C1 Engine Mounts and Clutch Chatter

    I have a '62 with a 383 stroker (just got it running last week) and Tremec TKO 600 5-speed, with standard front engine mounts and the supplied Tremec rear mount. Over the three years I have owned this car I've evolved from a 327 and Muncie 4 speed, to an upgraded 327/ 320 HP with the Tremec. I...
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    Question: 5 Quart Oil Pan Identification

    I have a 327 engine in my 62 Corvette. I have no history on the car, so I have to assume that lots of things have changed on the engine over the years. The block carries a late '61 casting number, and the stamped code shows that the engine was in a standard Chevy with Powerglide. Obviously not a...
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    Help! Failed 327 Ring Job

    I have a Roman Red 62 purchased 18 months ago. I freshened up my 327 this past winter with a new L79 cam, cast iron rings, and new bearings and rod bolts. The bores were done previously at .040 over and the high compression pistons looked like new. It has double hump heads and the valves were...
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    Question: Duntov Cam in 327 / 340 HP Engine

    Hi All, I bought my first Corvette, a 62 Roman Red convertible (4 speed), this past summer and am installing a Tremec 600 transmission this winter. I have torn down the engine to see what's inside, even though it was running great. It was an original 327 / 340 HP car (has the 6500 rpm tach) but...
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    Question: Mystery Bowden Cable

    I'm a proud first-time Corvette owner and have been working hard on my Roman Red 62 for the past three months. I just sold a 56 Chevy Delray after 17 years of ownership so I'm familiar with 50s and 60s mechanicals and electricals. But...my buddies say that Corvettes are DIFFERENT and now I'm...
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