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    Wet carpets 🙁

    Where are the common places the C5 leaks? My 2000 sits in the driveway and when it rains both passenger and drivers side carpets get soaked just sitting there. The windows seat well against the rubber moldings. I haven't a clue where to start looking. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Windshield 2000 FRC w HUD

    Just had my windshield replaced today. 43R-008008 was the old windshield. 43R-009047 is the new one. Im confused. Which one is the correct OEM windshield? And what is the incorrect one for? HELP ! Did I get the right one for my car?
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    Dead Battery

    2000C5 New battery. Tested for drain. None. Battery goes dead after sitting for just two weeks. Defective battery. Maybe. Could the alarm be draining it? :W Anybody had this problem?
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    Missing UDDER

    I just realized I'm missing one of he three udders on the drivers side of my 2000 C5. Chevy Parts says its NA although the one on the passenger side still is. Part #14047487. Does anyone know where I can find one? Phil j u s r e a l I z e d
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    C5 HVAC Problem. YIKES its hot out (and in)

    I've just inherited a near perfect 2000 FRC. Two problems. The air conditioning doesn't work. No doubt its new compressor time but Ill deal with that down the road. What I want more than that is fresh air. All the vents blow nothing but warm air at all fan speeds. No fresh air comes thru at all...
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