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  1. Superc63

    1989 L98 Quarter Mile ET - 13.846@100.98 with video

    Morning, So, Friday night I took my stock (with flowmaster mufflers)1989 L98 Corvette to Atco Dragway in NJ. I was expecting to run maybe mid 14s. Imagine my surprise! Traction was a non issue, I don't think it spun tires at all. I did not preload the converter at all. I waited till the...
  2. Superc63

    1989 Corvette Overheating At Idle Solution

    Hey, So, the symptoms of my overheating issue were essentially it would overheat (I mean temps of 220+) at idle (no white smoke or antifreeze smell from exhaust, oil clean). It would reach these temps after maybe 2 or 3 minutes of idleing. If I were driving it in stop and go traffic, it...
  3. Superc63

    1989 Corvette, Cranks for like 15 seconds when cold before it starts

    Hi, So, for the past couple months, every morning when I would fire up the Vette, I'd have to crank it for a good 15s before it'd start. I would usually break the crank attempts up into like 10 1.5 to 2 second attempts before it would fire up. After that, entire rest of the...starting...
  4. Superc63


    Hello, I am going to put new shocks on my Vette pronto. I have looked at all the options...but still do not know which shocks would suit my uses best. I am planning on using my Vette for autocrossing...also for driving on nice days. But basically, ride quality takes a far second to all...
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