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  1. Redcap

    Question: Draining coolant from engine block.

    I want to install Evans Waterless Coolant in my 2000 hardtop. The Evans folks say that all coolant should be drained from the engine block in order to prep it for the new waterless coolant. Since my car was already up on jack stands I began searching from below for the threaded expansion plugs...
  2. Redcap

    Question: Secondary Air Injection System

    The check engine light in my 2000 hardtop just came on. It's showing a P0410 code for Secondary Air Injection System. The car just turned over 50,000 miles. Is there a part that is more likely than the others in this system that might be the best place to start diagnosing the problem? Thanks for...
  3. Redcap

    Courtesy light failure.

    I have a 2000 hard top. I found an unused, small two-wire female electrical connector in the trunk behind the carpet on the passenger side quarter panel. It has small orange and black wires leading into it. I wanted to install some LED lights back there and thought that this connector might be a...
  4. Redcap

    Popping sound coming from right rear when turning left sharply.

    My 2000 hard top started making a kind of popping sound in the right rear area when I turn left briskly. At first I thought it was something in the trunk but I wonder if it could be coming from the right rear hub. It has 47,198 miles on it and I don't race it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  5. Redcap

    Question: Braided brake hoses

    I have a 2000 hard top and have been thinking about replacing the brake hoses with braided stainless steel units. I've seen a couple things on the internet that claim that they interfere with the wheel speed sensors and produce error codes. Has anyone experienced this issue?
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