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  1. Rich96c4ce

    Help! Can't take this engine oil leak any more!

    '96 LT1 Coupe: I have replaced the intake manifold gasket set using the Right Stuff. I have replaced the valve cover gaskets. I have replaced the oil filter adapter gasket and o-ring. I have tightened up the oil pan bolts. Still, there is an oil leak near the rear of the engine. When I have...
  2. Rich96c4ce

    Complete Auto Trans Fluid Change

    I have a C4 with the 4L60E. I would like to change all the fluid and the filter. What is the best way to change all the fluid? Thankds, Rich
  3. Rich96c4ce

    LT4 What it the door sticker tire pressure for an LT4?

    What it the door sticker tire pressure for Grand Sport? As an owner of a non-LT4 '96 with 275/315 rubber, I'd like to know the GM specified tire pressure for these sizes. Thanks,
  4. Rich96c4ce

    Rubberized Console Paint - Where to buy?

    Anyone have any thoughts about redoing the console shift plate? Mine has scratches in the rubber coating but no damage to the plastic. How do you strip the old rubberized coating? Where can I get new coating material, and what is it called? Thanks!
  5. Rich96c4ce

    Drain plug location for D36?

    I'm building a D36 diff. and want to put a magnetic drain plug in it. Has anyone done this? Where did you put the pug (please, no "on the bottom" responses. My concern is to minimize the stress that a new hole in the case might cause. Thanks.
  6. Rich96c4ce

    Any one seen a 96C4CEcoupe in 1:18?

    One die cast place advertised one on Ebay, then defaulted with not available after a wait of 2 months. I'd rather not repaint a GS, but it does have the right tires and engine color for an LT1.
  7. Rich96c4ce

    Photo of 315/35x17 on C4

    Photo from rear with 17" x 11" (+50mm offset/7.93" backspacing) for the rear, and 315/35x17 Nitto DRs
  8. Rich96c4ce


    My 96 and I will be on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Friday August 1, at 6:30 PM Eastern time, ABC network. Last Friday I was at Capitol Raceway's Test and Tune in Crofton, Maryland. They came by and interviewed a number of people about drag racing, why people do it and etc. Well...
  9. Rich96c4ce

    Door Jam Label Tire Pressures for Grand Sport Coupe

    Hi, Grand Sport Lovers, I just changed from 255/285 to 275/315 tires. I would like to know the front and rear tire pressures recommended by GM. Thanks, Rich
  10. Rich96c4ce

    Has anyone put SuperTrapps on an LT1?

    If so, what is the power and noise change over stock? Would you do it again? Thanks.
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