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  1. racsluos

    WANT TO BUY : 84-91 parts...

    Some of this stuff I'll end up buying new/ebay, I guess, but I should try here first I figure. Please PM or reply to thread. Washer Fluid Bottle: 84-91 is the year range, I think. Will pay a bit more if seller wants to ship with working pump integrated. Hood Release Trim: 84-89, will take...
  2. racsluos

    From 6shooter's post in the C3 section

    Holy crap! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1969-CORVETTE-CONVERTIBLE-w-LT-5-ENGINE-CONVERSION_W0QQitemZ300039631978QQihZ020QQcategoryZ6168QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. racsluos

    Question for 88 and 89 owners re:center caps

    Hey all 1988 and 1989 owners with 17" stock rims, The center caps on your wheels are quite valuable...have any of you had yours stolen? Are they very easy to remove? I own an 87 and would like to go to the 88/89 wheel to get 17s while preserving my 'stock' status as per the insurance rules...
  4. racsluos

    Magical 1987-only 2nd fuel filter?

    I post this after searching like crazy for any info about the second fuel filter I believe is only on the 1987 C4...couldn't find anything other than a couple of listing on parts sites. Any 87 owners replaced this? It's listed as a fuel return filter w/gasket, Delco part #GF62 (replacing...
  5. racsluos

    Starts then dies unless gas held

    Hi, 1987 Automatic Coupe, starts up and immediately stalls/dies unless given gas. Next best step after...? INFO: - Will continue to "idle" in Park at stable RPM with gas held down, as low as 900...releasing gas = instant stall - Fuel Pressure good, fuel pump runs for 2 secs pre-startup as...
  6. racsluos

    Post-tuneup issue

    Hi all, Since I replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor, I've got a slight jerk/stutter around the 1800-2100 rpm mark while maintaining a steady speed/rpm. Not sure if this qualifies as a 'miss' or not. I replaced the new Delco plugs today with no-gap Bosch Platinum 2's, but the problem still...
  7. racsluos

    redlinecorvette : standup ebayer

    Hi all, I'd ordered rear compartment trays from redlinecorvette on ebay, but they never showed. He promptly refunded my money without any hassle. Lots of good C4 stuff from him on ebay and will continue to buy from him based on this. cheers
  8. racsluos

    3 Interior questions

    Hello all, Searched around a good bit but didn't find an answer to these questions. Any help appreciated... 1 - Are the soundproofing door insulators which were standard in later years worthwhile to install on an older C4? 2 - What did the original floor mats in my 1987 look like? Emblem? 3...
  9. racsluos

    Poor man's Dash kit removal [several pics]

    Here's what I did to remove the "wood" dash kit that came with my 87... The offending trim: Remove trim with putty knife: This is the awful ancient adhesive left behind: Grim!: I tried many many approaches before finding this stuff. I spray it on and let it sit for 4-5 minutes...
  10. racsluos

    Outer and Inner Window Seals

    Hey all, I just replaced the window seals on the passenger side of my '87 coupe. Thought I'd share some info on the install... Excellent instructions for the outside seal can be found at this Corvette Magazine article However, I bought a GM inner window seal, and there were neither...
  11. racsluos

    I struck gold! [pics]

    Thanks in part to some very helpful members of this C4 forum, I recently purchased a gold 1987 automatic coupe. Just wanted to say thanks again for the seat-related advice, guys - she's a beaut! Already replaced the serpentine belt and shocks, many more minor fixes to come...
  12. racsluos

    More/Different RPO Info

    Hey all, In my obsessive researching of RPO codes as I evaluate an 87 Vette, I came across a pretty official seeming list of GM RPO codes. I'm still not sure if the seats in the vette I'm looking at are original, but this list proved really helpful in tracking ALL the rpo's down, even some that...
  13. racsluos

    WTB : 85-89 Auto Vette in BC/Washington

    Hey all, Looking for an automatic 85-89 C4, not a convertible. Not too picky on mileage, but would much prefer < 125K As close to stock as possible, not interested in modifications, as I would like to fix/restore towards a collector's insurance once it's 25 years old. Thanks! Andrew
  14. racsluos

    First Post & Seat Question

    Hey everyone at the CAC, Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Andrew, from North Vancouver, BC, currently shopping for a C4 Vette. This forum has been truly amazing for research - you guys have definitely given me confidence that I'll be able to tackle small to medium projects and fixes. I...
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