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  1. lars

    400 Dyno Data (with Holley & Q-Jet Comparison)

    In a reply I did in the Topic Post “Rochester Q-Jet Setup” (http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c3-technical-performance/130172-rochester-qj-set-up.html) tracksnblades1 had some doubts about the Q-Jet’s abilities compared to Holley-based designs: I just finished up another dyno test...
  2. lars

    Photos of The Viking Lounge & Corvette Workshop

    With some of the posts and comments I’ve put up, I’ve had a few people asking if I have a “real workshop” or “just a garage”. I’m not sure what you’d call this, but we call it the “Viking Lounge Bar and Corvette Workshop,” so you be the judge of what it is… These are the dismal conditions that...
  3. lars

    79 Vette Owners: Look at Your Exhaust and Tell me:

    I could use some help from anyone who has a stock '79 exhaust system: Could you look at your exhaust and tell me: 1. Is there a hanger located at the rear flange of the catalytic converter that hangs the converter and tailpipe up to the forward side of the frame crossmember? Can you get a...
  4. lars

    Need Photos of Tranny Cooling Lines at Radiator

    I'm working on a '79 auto trans car that has had the tranny cooling lines cut off the car. I have a new set of lines, but I need some photos of what the routing and configuration is of the lines where the hard lines end at the front of the car. Could someone post or e-mail me some photos of the...
  5. lars

    Need Help & Opinions on Engine Swap

    I’m wanting to upgrade my ’64 Vette to be more like a European Sports Car, and what better way to do that than to install a 4-cylinder engine! The 496-horse engine is just too much, and flaunts the American excess that the World hates us for. We should be more sensitive to other Nations’...
  6. lars

    383 Dyno Results Part 2

    For results and comments on my second round of dyno testing on a 383 small block, be sure to check out the thread in the C3 Section at: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c3-technical-performance/126329-new-dyno-results-re-test-383-a.html Lars
  7. lars

    New Dyno Results: Re-Test of the 383!

    We took the 383 Small Block (see previous thread http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c3-technical-performance/125743-383-dyno-results.html ) back to the dyno Friday to see if there was a little more horsepower to get out of it using a new mix of parts… Previous dyno results indicated...
  8. lars

    Going Back on the Dyno for More HP!

    HELP! I’m a dyno addict!! We need more horsepower!!! You remember my earlier thread regarding the dyno results of a mild 383 roller engine that I build for a friend and Vette enthusiast: We got 407 horsepower and 444 ft/lbs of torque...
  9. lars

    383 Dyno Results

    The results from the dyno testing of a 350-based 383 small block are in – the engine is still warm from the dyno runs… Here’s what we tested: GM 350 block .030” over (oil pan rails notched) with an Eagle stroker crank making 383 cubic inches Eagle “H” beam rods with flat top JE Sportsman...
  10. lars

    Another New Engine Ready for the Dyno

    Just finished building up another small block, and it's going on the dyno, as usual... This time it's a little 383, based on a stock-block 350 with an Eagle crank, 6" H-Beam rods, JE pistons, Pro-Topline heads, CompCams hydraulic roller and a BG Demon 750 mechanical secondary carb. On the dyno...
  11. lars

    Photos and Commentary on my 3-1/2 Year Restoration

    Since most of you C3 guys don't visit the C2 Forum much, here is a link over to "the other side" with a sequential photo essay of my '64 restoration process...
  12. lars

    Photos of my 3-1/2-year'64 Restoration & Rebuild Process

    I just completed a 3-1/2 year ordeal with the resto-mod of my ’64. This was a very rough car, and it probably couldn’t have been parted out since there weren’t any parts on the car good enough to sell… I ended up disassembling the car and every component assembly down to the lowest possible...
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