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    Question: 1985 cam

    hi guys been enjoying my vette thanks to a lot of you guys, now I'm asking what cam can I use in her I want tit to sound like a sprint car or something, not a drag race cam , and what cam will work with close to stock stuff , and what computer chip?? I see a lot of comp cams xfi cams but don't...
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    under hood light

    hi guys nice to talk with ya all again i was wanting to know where the under hood light switch is?? i have power to the wires and want to put bulbs in but where does it shut off at ?? i also have a bad shake on left rear wheel at 60 and really bad at 70, reat tires are brand new and balanced ...
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    85 c4 windows, heater,ac not working

    hi guys this is a followup of my no power to the window breaker thread - my windows would work if powered by battery power directly to the motor, i had no power to the fuse box! i searched through the wiring schematics only to have no answer just page cut and no way to follow wires :mad the...
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    86 mass air flow sensor

    hi does anyone know if the 86 mass airflow air sensor will work on the 85?, i see the 85 camero is suppose to, the 86 vette looks the same but i dont want to buy one and it not work- as these are really pricy
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    Question: mass air flow sensor bad

    hi guys wanted to see if anyone had any issues with their mass air flow sensor, mine isnt heating up, as i hear its suppose to get 399 degree? thats like a oven in there mine is cold, and am replacing it, just starting small talk
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    Help! relay help

    hi guys could someone help me out please, i am wanting to know what the 3 relays are on the left front fender well of my '85 the red wire to one of them had a inline fuse at the wire harness at the (out side firewall) near the battery, some idiot cut out the fuse i need to know what amp fuse to...
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    Question: kinks in lighting

    hi everyone i need to ask, what front side marker bulbs go in the 1985 vette??? not the lil blinker bulb, the big bulb behind it-- 1156- or 1157?? the book doesnt say! i have 1156 in it, it lights up like its suppose to, but dash "turn lights" are both on? like a bulb is out when i got it, it...
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    Question: charging fuel pump from alcl

    hi guys this is a dumb one but i need to ask- the book says to charge the fuel pump from the alcl link by applying 12 volts to the link under the dash do i use just the hot wire and ground somewhere else or use the battery and pos and neg wires into the alcl link? here is what the book says -...
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    Help! need regulator

    hi i need a new regulator unit guys can someone help- , point me in the right direction??? my 85 regulator unit is to wore i tried new diaphragms but you can see ware markings on the hardened seat so it will not pressurize , i cleaned it and it got worse lol i dont want a used one im looking...
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    Help! regulator problems

    hi guys im needing your help i need a fuel regulator for my 85 i need the complete unit mine has a worn out seat i have tried new diaphragms ... well its to wore so does anyone know where i can get a complete unit??
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    Question: fuel pressure regulator ??

    hi everyone ,my question is ,,, 20 psi of pressure at regulator not 40 , runs but doesn't rev,prolly cause its starving,has a bad regulator caused this b4? also the fan relay is gone ,the fan is hotwired to a toggle ,but the other 2 wires to the relay are going to nothing ,, i will fix this...
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    Help! injectors not working, bad computer ?

    hi everyone i have a 1985 c4 ,and the injectors dont work ,it will start with fuel down the throttle body ,and my left headlight has sounds coming from the motor ,and passenger door light stays on will the car still start like this if the computer is bad?,bad alarm chip? ive never had...
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    new guy

    hello i just got my first corvette it is a 1985 c4 ,needs lots of work, so its nice to join you guys!,interior is shot ,and injectors dont work so i have lots to do,i will start a post in the appropriate thread so hi and thanks for any help in advance
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