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    FS: Black Hurst Shift Knob (fits C4 w/ ZF6)

    SOLD This will fit the Stock, Hurst & B&M shifters and is a nice looking & popular alternative to the stock knob. Very good condition & includes original packaging.

    FS: Stock Shift Knob (ZF6)

    SOLD Like new..and includes lock pin & shift pattern insert.

    FS: OEM/Stock Mufflers - LT1/4

    SOLD These came off my LT4 and are in excellent condition, as the car had only 21k on the clock when they were removed. They've been stored in a cabinet in the garage ever since and, as a bonus, prior to posting them FS I hit them w/ a few coats of Hi-Temp Black Exhaust paint. I think $50 for...

    FS: Magnaflow SS Resonator (dual 3" in/out)

    SOLD - Stock resonator fot LT1/4 still available - This is the Stainless Steel resonator that comes w/ the new Magnaflow catback system # 16837 (for 92-96 LT1/4). The system came w/ an x-pipe welded to the resonator but I removed it, so this is just the resonator by itself - 24" long & dual...

    New Magnaflow SS Catback installed (w/ pics)

    I have EM longtubes, no cats (3" SS collectors instead), and recently added the new 3" Magnaflow SS system (#16837). It comes w/ an x-pipe that runs into a straight through resonator and out to the pipes back to the mufflers, which have dual 4" round tips (mirrored inside & out). The system...

    LT4 Some new pics of my LT4...

    The car is lowered front & rear: And here are a couple of pics that show the actual tire to wheel well gap front & rear: Ads by Google Used Corvette Prices Corvette at Edmunds.com Find Parts & More. www.Chevrolet.Edmunds.com 1969 427 Corvette $8,000 1954 to 2007 repairable...

    Did my own fender vent mod...(pics)

    Saw the kit that Eckler's sells for $45 and, although I liked the concept, I didn't like the screen they use or the price. Went to Home Depot and, after spending quite a bit of time weighing my options, decided on this look...which I couldn't be happier with. Total cost of this mod was well...

    LT4 Some new pics of my LT4


    LT4 4.10's for my LT4

    Hi, Looking to put some 4.10's in my LT4, will these work for me? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300029859832&fromMakeTrack=true Thx, Jeff

    High Idle...WTF?

    Ok, I'm driving home from work today and as I get into a little stop n' go I realize that my idle is stuck at 1500 rpms - hence the WTF? I tap the pedal...no change...continue cruising...no change. Stopped by a shop (mechanic there who's done some work for me before) once I hit my side of town...

    1st time on a dyno...

    The local Vette club is hosting a dyno-day this weekend. As my car is pretty much where I want it to be, it's time for me to get it dynoed. I'd like to have a bit of a heads up on the process beforehand so would someone pls inform this noob as to what goes on there. I've seen the machine but I'm...

    Cross-drilled/slotted rotors for a '96

    Are these the size/type of rotors that I need for my J55 equipped '96? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/88-9...022892495QQrdZ1 Thx, Jeff

    The B&M is in!

    My "modded" B&M short throw shifter is in the car! Bill B. (aka ZF Doc) put it in for me last night. Man, what a difference over stock! Like night & day! Will post some pics and give an assessment soon but my 1st impression....AWESOME! :Steer Jeff

    The "Ripper" is on the way!

    My B&M "Ripper" is on the way! Hi, Just ordered a B&M "Ripper" short throw shifter from Jegs. It'll be here Fri! Bill B. (aka ZFDoc) and I will install it this weekend. He says that he has a new mod for the B&M's that make them shift even better. In fact, I'm stoppin' by his place after work...

    LT4 Engine Coolant Temp Sensor...96 LT4

    Just got an SES light on my LT4. Pulled a PO118 (ECT Sensor). At the same time both my temp gauges (analog & digital) basically quit working. Had some work done at Exotic Muscle and I think they might have broken it (or disconnected it) when they re-installed my camber brace. Is the the ECT...

    What to do?

    I took my car in to be detailed last week ( I know, I know - if you want something done right...DIY!) and now the inside of my gauge cluster cover (clear plastic) is covered in #$@! The only way to get the @#$! off of there is for me to remove the cover and clean it. My question is, how much...

    Could a rich condition cause...

    higher operating temps in stop n' go type driving? I know my car is runnin' rich (had some tuning done) and I will correct the problem. What I'm wondering is this; I had the PCM re-tuned (fan temps lowered was part of it) and, w/ the a/c on or off, it definitely runs a bit cooler on the highway...

    Pulled two 02 Sensor codes...

    1996 LT4 PO132 = O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1) PO152 = 02 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2 Sensor 1) I assume by this that I need to replace two different 02 Sensors. Is that the case, or are these codes related to only one sensor? I'm guessin' two. Where are these...

    Re-oiling K&N

    How often (many miles) are you guys re-oiling your K&N? I've got about 10k on mine, is it time?

    Need some opinions pls...

    Thinking of changing my vanity (don't know if I like that word but :L ) plate from JEFNLSA to something more suitable to the Vette theme. Many that I like are unavailable but here are some that I'm contemplating... BADLT4 ABADLT4 400HPV8 FASTLT4 QWIKLT4 2FAST4U 96LT4V8 LT400HP FASTBLK...
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