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  1. XS650

    polyurethane and ball joint upgrades

    Here's a bunch of questions about polygraphite bushings, ball joints and tie rod ends and steering rack adjustment. I plan to switch to polygraphite bushngs on my '96 C4 convert with standard suspension every place in the seuspension, steering rack mounts and differential mount that uses...
  2. XS650

    Chains for occasional use?

    I don't plan on driving in the snow, but I fInd find myself on the away from home side of a "chains required" zone, what is the best bet for chains of cable chains on a C4. It would be the occasional mountain area where chains are required. Usually conditions aren't too bad. And no, buying a...
  3. XS650

    RPO label location in 1996 C4

    My apoligies if this is the second time I have asked this, but I can't find y first attempt. Where is the RPO label on a 1996 C4 Convertible? I'm going to look at a '96 one Friday and would like to get the info of the label.
  4. XS650

    FE-3, F45...Worth it or problems?

    I'm looking for a 94 -96 C4. How well do the FE-3 or F45 options work in the real world? Are they good things to have or just extra things to go wrong?
  5. XS650

    Free mods?

    I expect to get a C4 in the next couple of months. Is there someplace I can find out what the free mods are and see some discussion of how effective they are? I've looked around the forums but probably just didn't see them. Please point me in the right direction.
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