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  1. Black Thunder


    Curious to know if anyone has had, or knows of someone that has had any problems with their Accel Super Coil set-up. Have heard the module can get weak, inside the distributor. Any feedback would be appreciated! John
  2. Black Thunder

    Early Shark Diecasts

    Anyone know of a place to get 68-82 1/18 Diecasts Vettes
  3. Black Thunder

    Wiper system

    Going to throw this out there to get some opinions........ Previous owner removed wiper motor & all related vacuum devices. I have the motor (not sure if it works though). Is there a work around regarding wiper panel other than, a to the windshield hood. This ones got me scratching my head...
  4. Black Thunder

    Results In/Engine woes

    Well finally know what happened. Had a roller rocker stud failure. Seems the screw in studs were on the short side so not holding upper retainers by many threads so it failed. Had to pull intake to get lifter but fortunately no major damage as engine valley had screen across & caught lifter...
  5. Black Thunder

    Engine woes already

    Have oil dripping from side pipe:( Did a compression check all are OK. One cylinder has oil wet plug. Is it possible a bad valve guide could cause this much oil to get into exhaust?
  6. Black Thunder

    Less Thunder

    Finally got the Glass Paks out & can now hear myself think. Seems an aftermarket glass pak was installed. It was the same OD for 3 feet. No wonder I had no chance knocking em out. Had to slit backside, pull the old, install the new & weld it all back up.......Geez! Forgot how much fun it isn't...
  7. Black Thunder

    Hooker side pipe follow-up

    Should have stated what I tried to clarify. I removed the collectors from the car & the two sheet metal screws holding the glass pack insert. I saturated it with WD-40 then using a rod I whacked the old glass pack with all I had and it will not budge in either direction. Previous owner had...
  8. Black Thunder

    Hook Sidemounts

    Has anyone ever heard how to replace glass paks in Hooker side pipes? Any advice will be appreciated!
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