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  1. gooney0

    Carpet installation, lesons learned

    Last weekend we installed a new carpet set in a 1980. I won't bore you with all the details, but here are some of the things we wouldn't do differently next time: 1) Do the little parts first. Speaker grills, kick panels. These things take a lot of time. The kick panels have staples in...
  2. gooney0

    1972 Alarm Horn

    Does anyone know where to get one of these? I can't find one anywhere. The alarm horn isn't shapped at all like the "regular" horn, or the alarm horns on latter models. It has a long trumpet shape to it. -Gooney
  3. gooney0

    Batt. Gauge

    Its seems I screwed something up while replacing my horn relay. The Batt. gauge (in the center console) no longer works. I left one of the leads to the horn relay loose by accident, then reconnected it. Perhaps I've killed a fusible link? How can I tell if one of the links is dead? I...
  4. gooney0

    Steering Wheel puller? / Horn problems

    1972 coupe with tilt / tele and A/C Ok here is the problem. The horn doesn't sound when you press the horn button. It does sound sometimes when you turn the steering wheel! I've verified that the issue is in the column. (the horn works fine at the "harmonica connector" at the base of the...
  5. gooney0

    Repainting Rally wheels

    I've got original 15x8 rally wheels on a 1972 and the gray/silver paint isn't looking too good. I've found the correct spray paint. Is there anything I should be doing to prep the wheels before painting? Any tips that produce better results? Thanks guys, -Gooney0
  6. gooney0

    72 horn relay

    Does anyone know which lead is which on the bottom of the relay? Which side is supposed to be the green wire and which the black? Here is my problem. The horn doesn't work. If I jump the green wire (at the relay) to hot the horn sounds. If I put a test light between hot and the black lead...
  7. gooney0

    Power window switch direction?

    Ok guys here is an EASY question. Which way does the power window switch go? On the drivers side when you pull up/back on the switch the windows goes down. On the Passenger side when you pull up/back on the switch the window goes up. :) Also any tips on replacing a switch? P.S. This is...
  8. gooney0

    Posi Traction

    Can anyone explain how positraction works? Is is different from "Limited Slip"? -Gooney0
  9. gooney0

    White walls and letters

    Here is a quick tip while i'm thinking about it. I use "Clorox Soft Scrub with Bleech" to clean white letters and white walls. You put it on with a brush, then hose it off. Doesn't discolor the rubber either. The soft scrub without bleech doesn't work very well though. -Gooney0 P.S. Its...
  10. gooney0

    door jamb switches on 72 coupe

    My door jamb switches were missing so I bought two new ones. Trouble is I don't see how they are supposed to work. It looks like a single wire attaches to the back of each switch. I would've expected the switch to screw into the otherwise metal body to act as a ground. But I don't see how it...
  11. gooney0


    I am looking for options on tires for a '72 coupe. My Dunlop GT Qualifiers (245/60/15) are dry rotted and in need of replacement. I've seen sharks at the Vette dealer with 255/60/15's on them. So my questions are: What sizes to people use and why? Which brands are best? and perhaps the...
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