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  1. c5vetter

    For Sale C7 (2016) Tires - factory for sale

    2016 C7 FACTORY TIRES----A pair(2) of Front tires and a pair of (2) Rear tires, as NEW. Taken off a new 2016 C7R convertible. Less than 2500 miles on these Cup 2 tires. C7R was ordered by owner of Criswell Chevrolet for personal demo. Fit C7 2016-2015 & 2014 Model years. N Located in Severn...
  2. c5vetter

    Looking for Knockoffs

    Friend just bought a pretty original 1967 427/400 air/headrests/tele/ti ignition/sidepipe car and is looking for ORIGINAL knockoffs. Yes, I know they are almost unobtanium, but...........
  3. c5vetter

    Parts for Sale

    ALL Traded my 2010 ZR1 yesterday and ordered a 2015 Z06. So, was cleaning out parts for the 2010 and found some parts that were buried that came off my 2001 Z06. These parts are ALL original GM parts that I took off in 2001 right after the buying the Z06. AC Delco A917c air filter Rubber...
  4. c5vetter

    1964 Header Bow

    Subject sez it all - friend is working on 1964 convertible and front header bow is not salvageable
  5. c5vetter

    Looking for 1962 PArts

    Trying to help a friend collect the last couple of items for his 1962. He needs an original rim; non-DOT tire; jack
  6. c5vetter

    Looking for 1958 Parts

    Trying to help a buddy out on restoring his 1958 Looking for an exhaust manifold #556 without a choke tube and a late 57 or 58 transmission
  7. c5vetter

    Question: ZR1 Numbers

    Rob, Do we know how many 60th edition ZR1's were produced this year???? Sure is pretty option, especially with the blue interior contrasting against the white exterior
  8. c5vetter

    Da Lady is Blushing! Turns 49!

    On this date in 1963, VIN 19367 rolled down the line to completion! A beautiful Tuxedo Black (900A) with Red interior (490C), RPO Z06 roared to life and then stormed on her way to STAR CHEVROLET in East Orange, NJ to be purchased by Heiner Kundig of Switzerland.
  9. c5vetter

    WTB - 1962 Oil Cap / Caburator Lid

    WTB - 1962 Oil Cap / Air Cleaner Lid Helping buddy try and find some final parts to put his 1962 back on the road. Need a nice original or NOS air cleaner lid with arrestor for a 1962 and a nice original or NOS vented oil cap for a 1962
  10. c5vetter

    WTB -0 1962 Parts

    ALL, Helping a buddy chase down parts and he needs a 1962 nice/NOS air filter complete unit with lid and base. He also needs an original 1962 air cleaner wing nut. Please let me know what you have.
  11. c5vetter

    Looking for 1962 HELP!

    ALL, Hopefully, someone within this august group can help my buddy out. He needs the lid for the air cleaner. He has an original base and lid but the lid is missing the flame arrester. More importantly, the middle of the lid is missing metal which would allow him to cannibalize a used lid...
  12. c5vetter

    Looking for NOS / Original Windshield Gasket

    I think it was used in 58-62, windshield gasket – lip that sits on the dash pad has two raised ribs (called double heat stitch in the manuals) on the bottom. My friend's 1962 has the original but says its brittle and can’t be reused in his ongoing restoration.
  13. c5vetter

    Looking for 590 PCV

    Subject sez it all - looking for orgie 590 PCV for my 1963 Z06 590C is the service replacement
  14. c5vetter

    Lady is Blushing!!!!!

    Well, appears another birthday has arrived - Lady turned 48 today! Will take her out and blow the cobwebs out - haven't driven her in a couple of weeks - will be driving her to Novi on Sunday morning for National and she will be on Duntov Display
  15. c5vetter

    WTB - 3811 Carburator for 1967

    As title sez, helping a buddy and he is in need of a 3811 carb for his 1967
  16. c5vetter

    WTB - 1965 Rear End Cover

    Have a friend who needs a 1965 rear end cover - #3871375 same cover used 1965-1977 and is undated
  17. c5vetter

    WTB - 63 Corvette Air Conditioning System - Suction Throttling Valve Needed

    Helping a friend find parts to finish up the restoration on his 1963 I am in need of the bottom half of a 63 Corvette Air Conditioning System Suction Throttling Valve (actually two). I have 2 tops and no bottoms. The bottom half to the STV is the same on 63,64,65 and 66 Corvettes
  18. c5vetter

    Question: Static Cling #'s

    Otay, all you road racers, autox'ers, etalia - what / who did you have make your static cling #'s? painter's tape is used by many folks, and I have used but would really prefer to have static cling #'s made that I can take off and reuse as I need to
  19. c5vetter

    WTB 1963 Master Cylinder

    Title sez it all - Posting for friend - looking for a rebuildable 1963 non-PB master cylinder part #5462389 - need March, April, May date
  20. c5vetter

    Help! Seeking information on STAR CHEVROLET of East Orange, NJ

    Title sez it all - got my documentation from NCRS and am seeking any and all information anyone may have on STAR CHEVROLET. Do know the owner/presidents last name was SPITZER; vice presidents last name was GOLDNER. Also know the dealership no longer exists - believe ti burned down???? so, if...
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