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    general bs

    well hows this for no life today is my 69s birthday 40 years old ;LOL Steve
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    mirror problem

    1999 convertable the l/s mirror came apart .the clip that retains the spring for the breakaway popped off now the mirror is flopping around.has anyone managed to get the clip back on the post . what proceadure did you use looks like it could be done just wondering if anyone has had the same...
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    62 door parts

    Looking for the inside door parts tracks rails handle reinforcements etc need a lot of parts except regulators thanks Steve
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    dead vette

    do not know how mechanical you are? best bet would be to put a fuel gage on the car while driving then if the car quits you will see right then and there whether it is fuel related there also is an st-125 spark tester you could put on the end of a plug wire to verify spark they are not that...
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    gear change

    any one have any info on gear change on an 87dana 36 to 3:73 companys precision gear , richmond gear looking for best install thanks steve:beer :w
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