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    Kent Moore ABS tester

    any interest in This ABS tester just wanted to you guys first chance before it goes onto craigslist 75.00 you pay for shipping
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    custom chip burner needed

    Hi guys and gals. I am in need of someone who can burn a chip for me. it's for my 80, I'm at that point in the TPI swap. It's got th MAF setup. thanks for any and all info. tom
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    help ID this P.S. pump

    Can someone help with an ID of the power steering pump/res. In the attachment. Thanks tom
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    to cut or not to cut

    I'm looking to make my own air duct for the tpi. You C3 guy know how it's bolted up so would I get away with removing a section and still be safe.
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    need some advise

    I just got the fuel tank installed, the straps are a PIA is there a certain procedure to install these? I have been fighting these things for about an hour now and I'm still not any closer to getting them bolted up. tom
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    FYI steeroids on ebay

    Hi if anyone is looking to convert to steeroids there is one up for bid on e-bay 67-79 currently going for 700.00 i would bid on it but I have an 80 don't know what the differance is between a 79 and 80 would be. tom
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    yoda has a twin? or....

    Wow must have been quite the weekend?:D
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    electic fan ?

    What are you using for an electic fan. tom
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    tpi project pic

    it's going kinda slow. Part here part there. just got a 1982 fuel sending unit and a TPI fuel pump. So I guess I will try to drop the tank tomorrow, and install the intank fuel pump and sending unit.:beer tom
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    possible upgrade/update

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2007-Corvette-Engine-Transmission-w-Full-Suspension_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33615QQihZ009QQitemZ190183252493QQrdZ1 Here you go if any one is looking to upgrade.:beer
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    turbo on an 80

    Has anyone ever seen a rear mounted turbo I'm talking at the rear of the vette under the fuel tank? E-bay has one, it's different. I tried to attach a pic hope it worked
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    parts cars

    any one looking to buy a parts vette you might want to check out, insurance auction. registration is free. http://www.ridesafely.com/minventory.asp?vt=A&AuctionDate=&Region=
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    GM Certification decal

    Anyone looking to buy a certification decal there is a person on Ebay that is selling them and will type in your info. seller is sharonz28 later tom:beer
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    fuel injectors 24# or

    Does anyone know what # fuel injectors I should use. It's a ZZ4 with a stock tpi set up. Thanks tom
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    fuel injector questions

    high impedance? low impedance? Can someone please explain the difference other than one is high and the other one is low impedance:confused I'm in the process of selecting a set of injectors for my80 that I'm converting to tpi. tom
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    ZZ-4 fuel injection question

    what do you think mini ram setup or bigmouth set up? thanks for your input tom
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    ported vacuum

    where does the ported vacuum come from for the EGR switch? I would check it myself and I tried but it's missing and the vacuum hose from the Egr switch to the valve is missing also. thanks fo the help tom it's for my 87
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    87 ip cluster

    I just got a spare cluster took it apart to see if it needed anything like bulbs which it does no problem. is there anyway to test this unit other than to put it in my 87? Is there a web site on this? I looked at the circuit board for any signs of melt down and it looks as if it were repaired...
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    Anyone running the stinger system? Sounds? looks? performance? fit ?
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    poor mans chrome wheels

    poor mans crome wheels one down and three to go.
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