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    Question: Batteries For C5 (Not Z06)

    Any recommendations for a desert dweller (PHOENIX) and an '03' garage queen (18,000 miles). I have always made the switch before it died but missed this time. Just sitting in garage for 2 weeks now. Don't even know if she will jump. Being that the most you get is three summers (maybe) I was...
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    Question: 2003 Performance Axle

    Never have been able to find performance data for the G90 option providing a 3.15 ratio for the automatic. It was only $395 and seemed a worthwhile option on the A4. Much difference in the 0 to 60 sprint? Thanks.
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    Corvette Smile

    I just arrived home with a corvette smile on my face and wanted to share the feeling with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. Mine is a '03' electron blue cpe. A4-3.15, black wing, corsa-pace car exhaust with bassani crx pipes. 7,350 miles (6.5 when I drove it home in 03MAR). Minimal summer driving...
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    Rear Axle Seal Replace

    Recently installed a Corsa Pace system w/ Basani X. Tech noticed driver’s side diff cover and seal was leaking. Dealer replaced axle seal and resealed cover. Only 4955 miles, so a little disappointing. Service guy said very common problem. I love the car and the new exhaust. Also have the...
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    03 cpe a4, 3.15 (vortex ram vs. other) C4C5 Specialist?

    Also planning Corsa Pace and X. In your opinion is 'cutting' worth it to support this install? Live in the desert now but car will move to SO CA in a few years. Looking for the best performance gain in the $250-$400 range on the intake. Am being told this system allows cool air from the...
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    Intake & Exhaust

    2003 coupe - A4. I've read numerous posts about intake and exhaust. Great hearing everyone's experiences and opinions. I've settled on the Corsa. What is the primary difference between the touring and Indy if neither has resonance? And, is the 'X' the better way to go? Any advice on which...
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