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  1. waterboy1976

    Looking for my old C3

    Hi all, It has been years since I sold my 73 C3 (2007 to be exact) I would like to try to track it down. I do have the VIN # if there is a way to use that to track. Ideas??? Thanks!
  2. waterboy1976

    1986 Callaway CONVERTIBLE?????

    A customer of mine found a 1986 Callaway. Still finding more info about it from him but supposedly it is a 86 Convertible with only 36k. I don't know anything about Callaways being a C3 guy so..... Did they make them in Convertibles? Did they make them in 1986? What to look for? Values? (needs...
  3. waterboy1976


    Well I hate to report this, but my 73 is sold. It now has a new home in Louisville, Kentucky. I guess I'll have to drive my wife and my 6 month old son around in a minivan now....Anyhow....someday I'll have another one!!!!! :upthumbs
  4. waterboy1976

    Oil stains on ceramic coated headers

    I heard that if you get burnt oil stains on your ceramic headers, you can use 1500 grit sandpaper and lightly wet sand it off......any thoughts????:upthumbs
  5. waterboy1976

    3 bin storage frame ...NEW black

    I have a new 3 bin storage frame for sale....It is black, brand new. It does NOT have the hinges or rivets, it is just the frame. Looking for $10 plus $10 shipping to a CAC member only....Wilcox has them at $14-16 plus $12 shipping.... Email me if interested.... :upthumbs
  6. waterboy1976

    Heya Evo 1980....

    Your signature pic of the vette...looks like Miller Rd park next to CEI....in Avon Lake right?
  7. waterboy1976

    Someone get me a TOWEL!!!!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet-Corvette-1969-Chevrolet-Corvette-L-88-Convertible_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6168QQhashZitem330071725214QQihZ014QQitemZ330071725214QQrdZ1 wow..........:upthumbs
  8. waterboy1976

    Hey KOPBET !!!!!

    You and I were bidding on that 73 set of grilles on Ebay!!!!.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEDW%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150052618917&rd=1,1 I was good up to $350 but forgot about the auction...hahaha
  9. waterboy1976

    1973 mufflers/pipes for sale

    I have two stock round type mufflers for a 1973 vette, almost new. I also have the pipes from the manifold to the mufflers they are real nice not new and clean like the mufflers but extremely nice if you wanted to polish them up. Im looking for $100 or so for the mufflers and $50 or so for...
  10. waterboy1976

    PCV Valve question

    pcv valve goes on which side of engine? Pass side gets the fresh air from the air cleaner right.? That side should not be hooked up to a vacumn port correct? or what? I have a PCV valve on my pass side valve cover hooked up to the rear of the carb. is this correct?
  11. waterboy1976

    Yoke SLEEVE???

    The yoke on my 4 speed have a slight groove.....drips a few drops of lube....Someone told me of a sleeve that can go around it to cover the groove. Anyone have any info??? :D
  12. waterboy1976

    1973 Coupe for sale, Cleveland.OH

    Well.....I never thought I'd sell her but when your wife tells you she's pregnant my views have changed....:D Here's my shot... 1973 Coupe 350 V8 (Originally a L48 car) Muncie M20 4 speed The "scoop" Interior: Interior is a 8 out of 10. The seats were recovered in the original pattern by...
  13. waterboy1976

    C3'r needs value on C4

    ok all you C4 guys......I need some help here Looked at a C4 today 1991 Convertible White, white top, red leather Automatic Ride control New top New Michelin Pilot tires 36K original miles Excellent cond for a 91 with 36 K whats this thing worth????? Thanks guys :upthumbs
  14. waterboy1976

    Got my new valve springs on!!!!

    WOW.....what a pain in the arse.....got all springs changed out yesterday...Fill the cylinder with air and changed them. Welded a 3/8 socket to the end of my valve spring compressor which made a buig difference althought still wasnt easy.....the ole legs and back after leaning over that thing...
  15. waterboy1976

    There should be a law against this.....

  16. waterboy1976

    Look at this fine 73 on EBAY!!!!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet-Corvette-1973-Corvette-Stringway-with-T-Tops-4-Speed_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6168QQitemZ4632052063QQrdZ1 Sure looks like a nice one to me!!!!!! :_rock
  17. waterboy1976

    Paging Evolution 1980 Evolution 1980 please....

    You ever make it out to Avon on a Saturday night for the car show at the Commons there?
  18. waterboy1976

    Line lock....or no line lock

    With a manual transmission......Line lock or no? for doing those massive burnouts...
  19. waterboy1976

    2006 C6 build sheet?

    Do 2006 C6s have build sheets? Where are they at???
  20. waterboy1976

    Shoulder belt rebuild

    I have the original shoulder belts off of my 73 and need them rebuilt. Who does this????? Id rather spend a few nickels to have them rebuilt than spend 4 - 800 dollars on new ones.....
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