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    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    Mobil 1 is great oil. I have used it for years in everything and no problems what so ever. Plus, its available under a GM part number so its most likely available at almost any GM dealer, if you ever have to add any.
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    C2 with LS3 Swap-Tech Info

    A friend of mine is building a '67 roadster on an SRIII tube chassis. The following are for the GM controllers for the LS3/376/480 engine and 4L60E trans. 19201327 ECM 12497316 TCM My question is how to tie the two controllers together so an electronic type cruise control can be used. It will...
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    Grand Sport What interior colors are widely available with Velocity Yellow exterior?

    I think you can override the available trim colors for a particular body color for about $500. This option used to be available. Don't know if it still is.
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