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  1. jdp6000

    Valve chatter on an 82

    A couple of years ago I picked up an 82 corvette. Mechanically it was a mess. One of the push rods on the passengerside was collapsed....its been replaced. It wouldn't run or idle.... I have been able to get it to a point were it runs quite well. I have replaced every electronic part on the...
  2. jdp6000

    Spoiler for 82 Vette

    I have an 82 vette. I noticed the front of my new spoiler just floats. It attaches to nothing in the center. There is a skid plate directly above with a steel extention the shape of a finger. should the center of the spoiler attach to this extension. Can someone look at theirs and let me know? I...
  3. jdp6000

    36 Corvettes in Basement of Brooklyn Buiding

    36 Forgotten Vettes in the basement of a building in Brooklyn. They were orginally from the VH1 give-away back in 1990. Original article http://www.newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/news/people/columns/intelligencer/11902/index.html Link to photos www.digitalcorvettes.com Jim
  4. jdp6000

    EGR replacement on an 82 Crossfire

    I replaced the EGR today. Old one was shot. I noticed a small amount of oil on the gasket. I am not familiar with the mechanics of the EGR system. Can anyone tell me were the oil may have come from? Jim
  5. jdp6000

    1982 Corvette Getting Code 22

    I have an 82 Corvette with plenty of problems. I just replaced the TPS. I adjusted it to .525. I get code 22. Further testing is required. I have the 1982 Shop manual but am having problems understanding what it is I have to do when testing code 22....section 6 in the book. Does anyone out...
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