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    Smoke Machine

    Hi everyone. I have a question regarding using a smoke machine for checking for vacuum leaks. I've been on You Tube watching how to make your own machine. Has anyone ever tried using a fog machine for this purpose? They seem to be more reasonably priced on Amazon. Just thought I would throw...
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    Question: How do you scan/read live data on a 1985 L98

    Being a newbie to the forum this may be a dumb question. I am having problems with my 1985 L98. I tried jumping the A & B pins of the ALCL to read the codes, but only get a steady check engine light instead of the flashing codes. In looking for scanner I mostly see some nice scanners for...
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    New Member

    Hello to you all. I own a 1985 L98 coupe, blue on blue, with 75k miles. I'm the second owner and getting to the point of needing to put new parts in it. I live in New Hampshire so it doesn't get out much, but I'm 70 years old and want to enjoy it more than just looking at it in my garage...
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