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  1. CQRT

    Immaculate 2006 Coupe- auto, 39k miles- Arizona

    Wonderful 2006 Corvette automatic with paddle shift- only 39,100 miles- has chrome Z06 style wheels with Michelin PS2 tires, Corsa Sport exhaust with polished tips, Z06 shocks (factory GM), a billet sport grill, machine silver rear spoiler. The immaculate engine bay has stainless caps and...
  2. CQRT

    Aftermarket C6 Grills

    Greetings from Arizona: Wondered if anyone on the forum has ahd experience with a company called "Mr. Grill" -- an E-Bay seller offering a Billet-style grill that appears to be considerably less than the similar products offered by Ecklers and others. I know you oftentimes "get what you pay...
  3. CQRT

    `78 Pace Car- 297 miles

    Low mile, L-82 Pacer signed by Al Unser on E-Bay . . . http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1978-Corvette-Pace-Car-MSO-L-82-M-21-291-miles_W0QQitemZ4635448700QQcategoryZ6168QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Cool car, great racing driver . . but have I lost touch on collectibles, or is this price just a hair...
  4. CQRT

    E-Bay Store

    Has anyone every done business with this seller on E-Bay?? It indicates they've had 3600 transactions with a pretty good record. Certainly seems like a well done site - -no offense to our Corvette forum sponsors or the hallowed museum itself in BG...
  5. CQRT

    E-Bay C-4 w/Bowling Green Photo Documentation

    Check out this interesting `89 roadster on E-Bay - - the photos in the posting reportedly document the car's build process with a new/trial DuPont paint process-- 20 layers of paint, sanding and clearcoat...
  6. CQRT

    Greenwood Sport Coupe/wagon on E-Bay

    If you're into different and unique . . . . . thoughts ??? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6168&item=4533944558&rd=1
  7. CQRT

    WTB for 74 Coupe

    Greetings from Arizona: I'm looking for the female portion of the power window switch wiring connection - - need the square 3 pronged connector for my 74 coupe-- not the later version shaped like a shamrock - - -or in the alternative, the complete chrome switch, female connector and a couple...
  8. CQRT

    Replacing Door Panels

    Happy Holidays to All and many thanks for the wit and wisdom of this forum. I recently picked up a set of used door panels then bought the mounting and screw kits from Ecklers for my early 74 coupe w/pw. I've searched the available posts for a "how-to" on replacing door panels and didn't...
  9. CQRT

    Wtb- Shark Bar

    Wanted to buy: Shark bar or similar device to anchor driver & passenger shoulder harnesses in 74 coupe. Thanks- CQRT@aol.com Arizona
  10. CQRT

    fuel tank leak ?

    Greetings from Arizona: Filled fuel tank on my 74 t-top up to about an inch below the bottom of the filler neck-- turned sharp right into parking space, saw quite a bit of fuel leaking onto the ground from above the drivers side muffler-- but it stopped fairly quickly. Was thinking it was...
  11. CQRT

    Are tail light lenses interchangeable ?

    Greetings from Arizona: Are any of the C-3 tail light and back-up lenses interchangeable with my 74 ? I was shocked at the replacement costs of $80+ per side . . .I'm not going to concours the car, so a decent used set would be fine...just unsure of the years that will work. Thanks- CQRT in AZ
  12. CQRT

    Which type of Valve Cover ??

    Greetings from Arizona: I have a 74 Corvette coupe with w 4 bolt main crate engine- Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 670 and Hedman under car headers. The new block came with painted valve covers- 2.5" tall that I'd like to replace with polished aluminum, but I'm confused about whether I...
  13. CQRT

    74 rear deck drain ??

    Greetings: Saw this drain advertised on E-Bay to drain water out from under the rear deck grills - - - commendable idea-- but I can't see that my 74 coupe even HAS drains (although it could certainly use them) Any other 74 coupe oweners out there that can tell me I'm not smokin' sumthin' ...
  14. CQRT

    Whale Oil --

    Greetings All: I recall adding a foul smelling, small bottle of "whale oil" or "sperm oil" (seriously...!) into the rear differential in the late 70's the was purported to reduce build-up on posi clutches and generally quiet the rear end, keeping it well lubricated. Does anyone remember/know...
  15. CQRT

    Rear Gear calculation ?

    Greetings from Arizona: My 74 (origL-48) w/auto turns almost exactly 2500 rpm at 60 mph. Any way to calculate rear gear ratio - - perhaps others can advise from their own observations ? I believe 3.08 was standard, with 3.36 optional- although I'd love to change to 3.55. Also- how can you...
  16. CQRT

    Updated seats

    Greetings from Arizona! Am contemplating replacing original `74 seats with seats/frame from `93. I'm sure this is a common upgrade- but wonder if the bolt holes match up and secondly, assuming drivers side is power- where do you pull power from?- battery since it's so close? Not sure where...
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