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  1. J

    Good track/aggressive street fuel??

    Got a c5 with List of modifications : 315 gears from 273 factory Ported and polished heads Vararam intake SS long tube headers Muffler delete (straight) Texas speed cam 212/218 2200 stall converter Dyno tuned Wondering what everyone recommends for fuel. Normally I try to find 93 at the pump...
  2. J

    Spark plugs?

    Was cleaning the engine bay took off the covers to clean and while I was at it I decided to pull a spark plus and see what kind of condition they were in... my guess is probably replace them? Photobucket Photobucket
  3. J

    New c5 Dyno Tuned questions

    Long story short. I've wanted a c5 for a while. Hard to find where I live. Earlier this summer I came across one. Beautiful, clean, fast, and in my price range. So I went and looked at it, the owner started it up and I instantly bought it. Didn't need a test drive because I could tell this was...
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