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    Help! 1980 Corvette won't start

    My car left me stranded today. Drove it to work and it was running fine. Left about a half hour later, got about a block from the office and was sitting at a red light waiting when it quit like the key had been turned off and would not restart. Cranks great, but no start. I poured some fuel...
  2. K

    T-top compatibility

    Does anyone know, or know how to tell, if T-tops from a 1976 will fit on my 1980? Are there any measurements or production numbers to check? I have looked all over the internet, but have not found any specifications pertaining to the interchangeability. :confused
  3. K

    New member/owner in Alaska

    Hello everyone, new member here with my first Corvette, a white 1980 with red interior. I have always loved and wanted one of these cars, and am thrilled to have finally joined the club. Will get some pictures of the car uploaded soon - been too busy driving it!
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