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  1. toolman0114

    F/S 1974 coupe Show winning condition

    $28,000 1974 Corvette coupe All redone, body-on restoration. Fresh custom paint job, Ruby red pearl metallic with ghost flames on hood and fron fenders. Rear Turbo wing Front Indy spoiler Fibreglass front & rear bumpers Side exhaust & headers New leather seat covers, carpet, dash pad, all gauges...
  2. toolman0114

    1974 fuel guagr sending unit

    I replaced my fuel tank with a kit that came with everything. Now the fuel guage isn't working, not sure if i now have a wiring issue or a problem with the new sending unit. My question is: There are 2 wires connected to the unit, one on the outside edge connected with a flat blade terminal...
  3. toolman0114

    Side Pipe Installation

    I just put a set of side pipes, with fiberglass covers, on my 74 vette. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and what it looks like, they look good, but I can see the pipe below the bottom of the cover, is this normal? or should threy tuck completely into the fiberglass cover? thanx...
  4. toolman0114

    1974 Horn Button(cap)

    I need to replace the horn button on my 1974 Corvette coupe. It has T&T steering column. I was given one that was supposed to be from a 74 but the diameter was smaller. The diameter of the one I need to replace is 3.875", what year used that diameter horn cap?
  5. toolman0114

    Rocker Panel Moldings

    I am looking for a new set of rocker panel moldings for my 1974 Corvette, where can I get a set reasonably cheap, thanx.
  6. toolman0114

    76 Kelsey Aluminum Rims

    Is there a good product out there to clean the tarnish off aluminum rims without a lot of effort? something to make them shine again.
  7. toolman0114

    Help! Intake Manifold

    I have a 74 Coupe, stock hood, and want to change my intake. I am using a Holley street dominator, but hear there are better intakes that will fit under my hood with a drop base air cleaner. My engine is a 355, 10.5:1, dart iron eagle 65cc heads, with a .533 lift cam with 1.6 full roller...
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