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    New RadioéNav deck.

    Hey guys. I haven't been on these forums for a long time, but faithful Zed is running as well as ever. Getting ready for another huge road trip across the continent. I was thinking of installing a new navigation/mp3 style kind of deck. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good nav/mp3 tuner...
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    Selling 1 Firestone Firehawk 295/35/18

    I'm not sure if people are still looking for these. I got a flat on one of the rears and put on a different pair. I have this spare sitting around. I'm not sure how much tread is left, I can take a picture for those interested. PM me with offers.
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    Help! System charge fault

    Hey guys. I'll start by saying that I have the recommended PS battery from Delco for the 2002 installed. It has lasted me 3 years but It seems that it is already running weak. Once, I was rolling along and got the "System Charge Fault" message. I'm also getting the column lock problem every time...
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    Loud belt squeal

    Alright. Some of you might remember me having this problem for some time as I've made a thread on it before. I'm now embarassed to drive my car, which is shameful. It just squeals so loud I keep being reminded of a rusty old beater whose owner just doesn't care that his car sounds like a pen...
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    Alternator problem

    My alternator doesn't charge in city driving, only at highway speeds. No red lights on the dash and this has been happening for the past several hours of driving at least. The quote from the dealer here in vancouver is $1100 repair 850 for the alternator alone, which seems a bit ridiculous to...
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    Can a tire sidewall be patched?

    My tires were slashed (stabbed) last night on my very own driveway. Brand New Wide Ovals to boot. Has anyone heard of any places that can repair a sidewall? I know it's a slim chance it can be fixed but i thought to try anyways. I was lucky they only slashed 2 and not 4 of them. It's not worth...
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    My wipers have become self-aware.

    Much like skynet realising that doing whatever it wants is cool, my wipers have decided to adopt a similar frame of mind. They keep going despite my toggle commands to stop. My windshield spray also continues on it's own until the tank is empty so i had no choice but to disconnect it. I had to...
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    Battery problem... security system?

    My battery (redtop) died on me overnight. There is no way parasitic loss could have drained my batteries over night. I have not changed any of the DIC settings in the last few weeks so that is not the culprit. I put my battery charger on a 6a 12 volt recharge and it shows it as charged. The...
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    Oil change issues

    Not the typical questions here. Im just being frustrated by the oil plug which seems to be stuck really tight. Does anyone know what number wrench i need to take it out? I even tried using vise-grips and it wouldnt budge! I cant use a socket wrench because theres no room between the plug and...
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    Scratch removal

    A few nasty scratches have appeared over the course of my z06 ownership. Ive had decent luck removing them with the help of a polisher and the various mirror glaze cut cleaners by Meguiars, but there is one thing that is bothering me to some extent. The polisher tends to leave these very...
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    Tire got screwed

    My front left tire now harbours a galvanised Robertson screw. Its about in the middle of the tire, which i hear is a good thing. Im wondering if I should simply leave the tire be? I figure the offender isnt going anywhere, and since the front wheels dont provide power it shouldnt be too bad...
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    Squeaky belt

    Small concern, but really annoying noise. It seems to act up for a few minutes when I start the car, and then at random intervals (when the engine isnt drowning it out) like at stops. Should i buy one of those cans of belt-lube? I figured i could take it in to the shop to have it fixed but i...
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    C4 Dash

    Out of curiosity, can someone tell me when the C4 went from the digital dash to the analog one? Its a bit silly, but that dash is probably the single most important factor that would lead to me buying a C4. I get a huge kick out of seeing the digital display do its work, its like a jet fighter...
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    Saved from the freezing rain.

    What a close call this one was. Im sitting im my basement on New Years eve, munching some M&Ms and watching Pirates 2, which i got for christmas. The Movie is good, the M&Ms cant be bad, and im just relaxing, not the best New Years but hey, you cant ALWAYS have a blast. The movie is over. I...
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    Simple mods for better performance?

    Hi folks, i just bought a 2002 z06 not 2 months ago and im definately satisfied with it. It beats the hell out of driving what my parents have! Sadly, I cant drive it for the winter, its only been in storage for 2 weeks and I already miss it. The summer will just be that much better though :D...
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