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  1. dalejr8afan

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just want to wish all on the forum a Happy and Pleasent Thanksgiving. :w
  2. dalejr8afan

    Florida in November

    I was off work today, so I decided to get a few shots on my 01 coupe in the early morning light.
  3. dalejr8afan

    Detailing Results with Adams Products

    Here are a few shots of my 01 Torch Red coupe after a complete detail I did using Adams products.
  4. dalejr8afan

    C5R Shifter Handle

    I'm thinking of changing my stock shifter knob on my 6-speed to the C5R style. Has anybody done this and if so how is the feel?
  5. dalejr8afan

    Newbe Here

    I am new to this forum and just wanted to say hi. I picked up an 01 Torch Red M6 about 5 weeks ago. This is my fourth vette, but it has been about ten years since my last.
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