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  1. PeterF

    Help! Bled brakes till my legs seized!

    My 79 had brake pedal to the floor, so my son and i investigated and found leaking rear calipers. So we installed new calipers, pads and rotors (as they were very worn) today. All great. Then we bled them, and bled and bled. We used over a litre of fluid. For hours. We could get firmness...
  2. PeterF

    Hot Garages and fibreglass bodies

    Hi everyone, I'm a new CAC member so apologies if this matter has been covered before. I am from QLD, Australia and in summer it gets very hot and humid. Commonly days close to the 100F mark. My garage gets stinking hot during the summer months. I can leave the door open when I'm home, but...
  3. PeterF

    Hello from Queensland Australia

    :v Hi, just joined today. Will have to work out the way to add pictures and things. But greetings from Sunny QLD. I am yet to own a corvette but I'm close to being able to get there now that I more or less have the means! US cars are very popular in Aust, especially the 50s/60s ones as...
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