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    93 Red/Red for sale

    1993 Red/Red #187 for sale. The car is box stock, comes with both tops, 28k on the clock, asking price 37k, but will negociate. If interested contact Andy Adams 307-234-1327 or 307-237-4111 email ANDYADAMS0@AOL.com the car is located in Casper Wyoming. I've seen the car it's in A-1 condition...
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    Exhaust manifold bolt size

    Just a quick question- are the exhaust manifold bolts/nuts 10mm, I believe they are but my Helms manual doesn't give the head size. Thanks in advance, have a great holiday. 84 CF 91 ZR-1
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    Rear end gear question?

    A friend of mine has a 67 BB with 3:57 ring and pinion gears. The question he's asking is, will a 4:11 ring and pinion gear set bolt into the 3:57 differential housing? Any help would be appreciated. 84 CF 91 ZR-1
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    Would like opinions on wheel choices

    I am changing wheels on the 91 from the sawblades to the A molds. The car is bright red and I don't know whether to go with black GS style or the silver. In my opion I think the black would give the car more of a sinister look. What do you guys think?
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    Late model transmission swap

    A buddy of mine has a BB 69 Vette and is looking to change out his four speed to a later model five or six speed. The question is will a M-60 six speed out of thr 92-96 Camaros bolt up? We know converting to the ZF is a hassel. Any suggestions on the best way to go would be greatly appreaciated...
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    Wild West Vette Fest

    Any fellow ZR-1ers going to the Wild West Vette Fest 23-25 August in West Yellowstone, Montana ? 91 Red/Saddle #2039
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