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  1. jss101

    Hard shifting into first, sometimes second

    Back when the weather was still warm I picked up a 2014 Z51 with the 7 speed manual. I absolutely love the car, it's a huge upgrade from my C5. One thing I've noticed, however, is at times it can be difficult to get the shifter to go all of the way into gear for first, sometimes for second...
  2. jss101

    Replaced convertible top, now it's too tight and doesn't seal in the back

    Have any of you had experience with this? I've searched this forum but couldn't find anything. The glass separated from the fabric of the top. I went to a professional Auto Upholstery guy who seemed to know what he was doing. He did a great repair on my front seat, and also replaced the top...
  3. jss101

    Question: Dash lights don't come on at night when headlights turned on

    On a 2002- I have the "twilight sentinel" feature set to "off". At night, when I turn on the headlights, the dash goes dark. If I cycle the headlight switch once or twice, they come on. Seems to only happen when I first start the car. If I turn twilight sentinel on - it seems to work just...
  4. jss101

    Friggin' front spoiler

    The front spoiler on my C4 takes a beating sometimes. I'm really careful but sometimes it's unavoidable! When entering or leaving a driveway or a gas station it's easy to be really careful and have it drag slowly as you go up or down a ramp. Tonight however, I was cruizin' along and hit a dip...
  5. jss101

    How many miles? So, am I nuts?

    Hey folks. I'm new to this forum and I want your opinions! I've got a 1992 dark green C4 that's been great fun: Here's the thing. I've got 91K miles. I've been driving it a lot. I drive it to work on nice days. I'll take any excuse to drive it! My winter car is a jeep and I'm about to...
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