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  1. tcxd40

    Help! Passenger side door will not clatch need HELP!!

    Looking for help/advice/suggestions. Rebuilt my 81 from top to bottom. Body lifted above frame but not frame off. I replaced all frame bushings with new poly ones, because that is what I wanted. I measured each set of spacers and the height of the original bushings that were installed at the...
  2. tcxd40

    81 under final rebuild

    Well it's been a few months since I posted any info. on the '81. Really busy with work so have not spent much time working on it. It is slowly coming together, need more time and $$$. tcxd40 . .
  3. tcxd40

    Question: 81 won't start

    Ok I'm at wits end here. The '81 has approx. 77K and sat in a barn for about 17 years. So when I got it home, via trailer it did not run. I changed everything that would normally be done. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, module all new. Also checked the coil and pickup coil both tested good. New fuel...
  4. tcxd40

    Question: Best weather strip kit.

    I'm in the process of replacing all weather stripping on the car and with many companies offering weather strip kits today who has the best product. I have reviewed alot of companies and prices are comparable so looking for fellow C3 owners who have done the same and can recommend who to...
  5. tcxd40

    Question: '81 repaint

    Starting the repaint on my '81 this week and need some info. on SMC prep. My car has been repainted in the past and someone used a DA on it:confused leaving a very wavy surface when they stripped it. I have blocked the entire body which leaves the SMC in it's virgin state. Does anyone know...
  6. tcxd40

    Latest pics of the 81 rebuild

    Here are a few of the latest pics of the 81s rebuild. It's taken two years to get just this much done. Lots more to go.
  7. tcxd40

    Question: Best car cover for outdoor use?

    Well it's that time of year in the East, the dreaded four letter word, SNOW it's coming.... Garage is full of my toys, wife's vette gets to stay outside:boogie, anyone suggest a good car cover for the outdoor winter weather? tcxd40
  8. tcxd40

    Question: California emissions NNS ??

    Does anyone know what the difference is between federal emissions and California emissions is?;help RPO NN(S)or (5) I've seen both, but what do you get or what don't you get?:confused I have one '93 with the California emissions, it was bouhgt new in Calif. and one without, can't see any...
  9. tcxd40

    Finally some pics of the rides.

    Finally had the chance to get some photos of the rides. Not the best pics , but I'm working on better ones Ones my wife's, her Christmas present, the other mine. Both 93s her's an auto mine a 6spd Z07. Top two pics are her car the rest are mine.
  10. tcxd40

    Question: Analog gauges don't match digital

    Finished my wife's 93 early this month she has been driving it everywhere. Today is the first chance I've had to really check eveything over. Here's the question/problem; The analog gauges for water temp and oil temp are off by at least 100 degrees, digitals appear to be correct. Around 208...
  11. tcxd40

    Help! Factroy plug wire removal

    The 81 final stopped starting. Time to change all the factory ignition parts, all original to the car never changed 71K. Now the question, is there some secret to removing the plug wires 1and 3 from underneath the motor mount? :confused Or does the mount need to be removed from the block...
  12. tcxd40

    Question: Front fascia alignment issues

    If any one can help? I purchased a new GM front fascia panel for my '93. The old one came off very easily and the new one went on just as easy. Here's the problem. The front fascia edges where they meet the hood at the corners are shifted about 3/16 inch the the left. Everything else...
  13. tcxd40

    Question: Best penatrating oil

    Looking for a new penatrating oil? I have what is left of some industrial stuff that you cannot buy:confused, need to get a replacement for it any suggetions? I hear alot about Blaster never used it though. Thanks tcxd40
  14. tcxd40

    Hooker header side pipes

    Has anyone changed out the factory exhaust system for the Hooker header side pipes on an '81? I keep looking at the info. for them from different sellers and some indicate other engine mounts are required and special brackets. Just looking for better info. The car is nowhere near...
  15. tcxd40

    Question: Oil pan removal '93 LT1

    Anyone removed the oil pan from a LT1 while the engine still in the car? I've been working long hours to get my wife's new toy ready for the spring. I was about to change the oil when I noticed that the pan is crushed pretty bad like someone took it out to the Baja 1000. Somehow I missed that...
  16. tcxd40

    93 early and late production

    I would appreciate if those with '93s could look under the hood to see how the upper slpash shield is secured to the hood. I have been looking at both of my '93s and am finding alot of differences. One is the splash sheilds, my early production 93 (2/16/1993) has them bolted on my other '93...
  17. tcxd40

    Optispark or what?

    Hey guys just picked up another 1993 Vette. This one is a dupilcate of my other '93 except this is an auto. It's for my wife as she keeps complaining about not being able to drive mine. Bought it, drove it home, and parked it. Started it today, started instantly with no problems. I let it...
  18. tcxd40

    Question: Need to replace radiator

    Need some opinions on whether I should stay with a factory brass rad or change to an aluminium one. Who has the best rad for the money? Those who have an alumnium rad, are the stated cooling increase correct? Car is not original but very clean. Thanks tcxd40
  19. tcxd40

    Question: Looking for rivets.

    Last night I pulled the entire front end off the '81 vette, in preparation for the repaint. I'm looking for the conical/cone shaped rivets that hold the metal brace to the fiberglass nose. Can't use standard rivets as the will stick out passed the edge. The head is flat and the body is tapered...
  20. tcxd40

    Question: Number of 81s registered.

    This may have been asked before, so forgive me. Of the 1981 Corvettes made how many are accounted for in the registry? I have two, but only one is registered. tcxd40
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