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    A TPMS Headache!!!

    I was checking my tire pressures out on the road with the tires all warmed up. I got good readings (34-36) on three wheels but the left rear pressure was blank. I figured the battery in the TPMS sensor was dead so I bought a new one, broke the outer bead and installed it. Still no reading. It...
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    It's gas strut time!

    After 18 years my 2000 C5 needs new struts to hold the waterfall cover open when putting the top up and down. They don't look like much fun to change out. The trunk lid struts are out in the open but the top cover needs work from underneath. Step one is to remove the black plastic covers over...
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    Question: At 1/3 the cost are they any good????

    Ok you guys with aftermarket exhaust, The Borla cat back systems are around 1200 dollars and the Corsa systems are about the same. EBay has multiple vendors selling cat back systems at around 385 dollars. They are obviously all from China with names like Jungle Jungle, Mirage, BeYondR...
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