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  1. J

    fine 59 completed 14 yrs on

    Well its taken 14 years to finally finish this project and I can well say Im over it It has been a long and expensive journey, some of you have followed my postings and Im very happy to say its over and very pleased with the outcome. Its time for cruising and enjoying my hard work Here are...
  2. J

    Review: al knocks interior

    I have always read Al Knocks interiors were the best but I live in Australia and when my $4000 interior package arrived I was so unhappy with the leather colour all blotchy , they offered me a $300 credit even before it arrived here I knew it was fu--ed did not want a credit I wanted a good...
  3. J

    fine59 update

    Well started assembly due to the bad weather here in OZ cant work outside good reason to stay in the garage. Had a few issues with door and window mechanism assembly but manage to work it out I have a few bits and pieces missing since my car was not complete when purchased 12 years ago but lots...
  4. J

    Help! 59 corvette window assembly

    Hi all Im having a few issues on the assembly of the window assembly on my 59 Corvette has anyone any photos of the inside of the doors so I can see which way things face inside,:ugh Many Thanks Jose
  5. J

    Fine59 is finaly painted

    Well waited a long time for this started 12 years ago finaly painted and ready for assembly . Crown saphire in colour Snow crest white in the cove (looks a bit yellow but its only the fluro lights):beer
  6. J

    Question: After market tail lights

    Hi all Im thinking of buying a new pair of after market tail lights to suit my 59 Vette but am concerned of quality and fitting has anyone had experience with this issue and can recommend a brand or supplier for lights. Thanks Jose:ugh
  7. J

    More fine59 pics

    Updated pics
  8. J

    FINE59 updated pictures

    FINE59 hood release cable placement Hi Can anyone help me with the hood release cables Im not sure where in the fire wall do the cables go to enter the engine bay . I dont seem to see any holes low enough on the fire wall so the cable can present itself properly with the hood female catch, I...
  9. J

    Review: 1959 corvette rear tail lamps

    Hi Im looking to purchase a pair of rear tail lamps for my 59 but am concerned about quality and fit does anyone have a brand or company i should deal with to get the best on the market. Thanks Jose
  10. J

    59 corvette engine bay

    Does anyone have a picture of their engine bay to see location of windscreen wipper bottle and vac bottle and other items in the engine bay of a 59 Vette. I have replaced my inner wheel archers and there are no holes to locate my regulator and all other items in the bay Can any one help:eyerole
  11. J

    59 corvette engine bay

    Hi Does anyone have info on location of windscreen wipper bottle and vac bottle and other items in the engine bay of a 59 Vette. I have replaced my inner wheel archers and there are no holes to locate my regulator and all other items in the bay Can any one help:eyerole
  12. J

    fine 59 update

    Well had issues for my block numbers not sure now what they were and sould be, cant find any more info from previous owner so have decided not to stamp the block and leave it blank. On another matter the trunk and cabin area have finally received 3 coats of Crown Saphire and 2 coats of clear and...
  13. J

    Help! 283 block stamps

    I am trying to find the correct stamp size and style for the 283 early corvette block date 1959 my block has been decked and I had documented the number as F1039CU but not sure what size they were and if the number 1 was as 1 or as I I think they were 7mm but need help Thanks Jose:ugh:ugh Will...
  14. J

    Help! http://www.chicagocorvette.net/catalog.php?catalog=A

    Hi I live in Australia recently I placed an order with Chicago Corvette for some parts and have not been able to contact them either via mail or phone. Does any one know if they are still trading or have they shut down. The problem is my visa number is still with them when I place the order 3...
  15. J

    fine59 2x4 283

    just a couple of pics updated for those interested:):)
  16. J

    water pump 59 short or long?

    Hi can anyone tell me if the 59 Corvette has a short or long water pump. Thank you Jose;shrug
  17. J

    fine 59 update

    last coat of Epotech applied pre fit grill and moldings great gaps and great fit on the top stainless to head light moulding worth the time and money spent to get that good fit.:beer:beer
  18. J

    fine59 update

    All body coated with Epitech will need board filling before recoat and sand again prior to paint. Looking good tho and very happy with all gaps:thumb
  19. J

    fine59 update

    boots on as well as hatch notice the work done to lower chrome headlight moldings so they meet up better with top guard stainless :beer
  20. J

    fine59 update

    Front clip has now been bonded on and is also bolted to the chasis with all brackets bonnet is a good fit as are the doors the front guards have C channels made of glass bonded under for reinforcement , the boot area is next followed by the aplication of Epitec on the surface for base coat as...
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