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  1. Binkybubba

    LT4 LT4 Put to Bed for the Season

    Saturday I took her out for one last date and a wash to end the season. I think she appreciated it. Gave her a serving of fresh fuel stabilizer to calm her and assured her I would still vist her periodically over the next few months. Then I gently put on her pajama's and tucked her in with a...
  2. Binkybubba

    C4 The Most Maligned Model?

    Is it just me or is the C4 the most maligned model series? I love my C4 more everyday the more I look around and the more I see. Of course having an LT4 is a bit of gravy over an early L98 but the guy with the latter likely loves his just as much as me. I found myself rescently "looking" at C5's...
  3. Binkybubba

    WTB Roof Panel (Targa) to fit 96.

    Looking for a roof panel in very good condition. Either Blue acrylic or solid top, white prefered but it doesnt really matter. Needs to be "3rd Design". Cheers, :beer
  4. Binkybubba

    Question: C4 Under Hood Light Not Coming On!!

    Hi all, I ve had more LT4 for about 3 weeks and the under hood lights have never come on. I assume from other threads that it should come on via mercury switch and stay on for around 15 minutes. I removed the lenses today to clean and check the lamps. All clean and lamps seem to be ok. I...
  5. Binkybubba

    News: New C7 Mule Spy Photo!

    I have read a lot of comments on the new concepts. There certainly are a lot of potential "concept" variations out there but they asre just concepts. I think we need to have a little more faith in the GM design studio. They will do the right thing. Unfortunately even if they didnt, the new...
  6. Binkybubba

    NCCM North

    National Canadian Corvette Museum (lol). Some of my pathetic collection of die-casts started long before the real thing came my way. Cheers, :beer
  7. Binkybubba

    LT4 LT4 Air Induction Upgrade Suggestions?

    Does anyone have any experience with aftermarket cold air induction or even ram air set ups for an LT4? I have not found any threads dealing with this and was looking for suggestions or recommendations on brand or type. Currently running K&N filter only in stock housing. Also if this type of mod...
  8. Binkybubba

    Help! Rubber Trim Peeling on Targa!!! Any Fix Possible?

    I have a 96 with an issue of the "rubberized" trim peeling in a few spots. It seems to be the same material as what wraps the windshield which is in way better shape. A very thin rubberized material applied directly on to what appears to be stainless steel. I have tried flat trim paint, not so...
  9. Binkybubba

    Help! 96 Ride Control/Power Seats Switches or bezel trim?

    Hi I was originally looking to find replacement decals or plates for the lettering on the ride control and left right power sport seats for my 96 but cant find anything even close. The lettering plate "looks" dirty or weatherd/UV but lettering itself is fine and it wont seem to clean at all...
  10. Binkybubba

    Newbies Invading from Canada!!!

    Hi all, thought I would post an intro. I have been a Vettophile since I was a teenager so it's been a long time coming. Turned 50 this year, then had a triple bypass so figured I better get with the program before it was too late. Wife said do it, so I said yes dear. Currently living in suburb...
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