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    76 Wiring

    I started installing a vintage air system in my 76 a little over a year ago. I got hurt and have been unable to work on the car until recently. I'm ready to start on the interior wiring, but I have lost the tape on some of my wires and I can't seem to identify what I have here. Wiring is not...
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    Two questions

    First - Anyone have experience using a booster seat for a 4 year old in these old C3's? If so, what did you get, how did it work out? Second - Since I can't find anything I think there is not, but does anyone know if Illinois has any laws about little ones in these cars? I know back in the...
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    Xbox steering wheel

    Hi all. So I'm done with this little Xbox steering wheel. I've been looking around and I'm finding that my 76 has special circumstances, as does every car I ever buy it seems lol. So it has a Grant steering wheel on it, which I'm presuming means it has an adapter of some sort already...
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    76 with no radio

    Hi all. Been scouring for my first new item which will be a radio seeing as how I don't have one. I'm not finding much recently in the forums on what ones are good. I want bluetooth so I can play off my phone, I know there are a few out there but I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions or...
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    New 76 Owner

    Hi all. Just got my 76 yesterday. Already fully in love. I'll be scouring these forums for info. She needs some TLC. Radio, wiper motor, window motors, etc. Door lock arms need to be disassembled and greased. Any other suggestions for a good runner and first time owner, things to check...
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