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    C6 Brake Roters

    Just bought a 2008 Jetstream Blue Convt,30k miles,Great shape has the Z51 package,also the 3LT package along with the Chrome Wheels,Paddle Shift,Dual Mode Exhaust,Great Car,Now for my question? Notice alot of Rust on the Brake Roters,Car still under warranty, Went to a chevy dealer,We did not...
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    Question: Instrument lights(dash lites)

    Anybody had this problem?Driving home tonight head lites on everything working great then the Instrument lights went out dash was total black,only lite on was a/c control and radio, got home shut headlites off Inst lites came on,Turn lites back on Inst lites out and so on, Interior lite reostat...
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    Audio system noise

    Hi to all, Great site,great people, Have a question on engine noise (alternater) whine coming through Boise radio, I have had all the speakers redone in Longwood Fl,was doing great untill this problem came up,Is there a noise suspressor that can be put in place to fix this problem. hate to have...
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