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    t-10 build date

    I need to know if a jan. 14th 1963 t-10 build date will be kosher with a feb. 18th 1963 (car) build date? Is this too close between dates or would these two dates go togeather? thanks Chris
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    Borg Warner or Muncie?

    I'm trying to determine the correct trans for a 2/18/63 build date, 340 horse convertible with a 90XX vin. My only source is noland's guide book, which tells me that no muncie M20's were installed before #14xxx (p190), How can I be sure this car was equipped with a B.W.? Any other opinions...
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    WTB 61-62 hood

    I'm looking for modified hood for my C1, with a hole already in it, to clear a supercharger.
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    WTB 63 dash pad

    I am trying to find someone who has replaced their dash but, still has the undamaged passenger side they want to sell.
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    Tie rod info?

    Can someone tell me the taper angle of a C2 corvette tie rod? I've been told it is 7 degrees...is this true?
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    Crane C1 Power Steering

    Has anyone purchased or installed one of these kits? I'm lookiing for pros and con of this system...mabey even photos? Thanks Chris
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    Weak window motors

    My 61's windows work very sluggishly and i think the motors are the problem. How do i test that the motors are sound?
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    WTB 61 glove box

    Need the latch for the glove box door. Help I can't use tape forever:cry
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    Deionizing filters

    I've heard that after using on of these filters you don't have to wipe your car dry? Has anyone used them.... and if so does anyone have a good source for these filters?
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    C1 front suspension

    Where can I find a complete set of instructions for rebuilding the front end of my 61' :confused
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    C1 neutral saftey switch

    Anyone have information on what the correct wiring configuration is for C1's with an automatic trans? I've looked in the A.I.M., but I only see the diagram for 4 speeds. On the page for automatics there is no wiring schematic that shows the proper hook up for the neutral saftey switch relay...
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    61 front springs

    Does anyone have information on what the spring rate is for standard front springs on 61's...:confused
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    Custom 60

    This and had to post it javascript:PopUpImage
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    54 door parts..

    I have a pair of upper door pieces for a 53-54-55.... The ones where the door knob passes through them. They are in good shape and have no cracks What are they worth:confused
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    61 hardtop rubber...

    I've completely restored my 61's hardtop but I'm having trouble with how to trim the intersection of the upper window seals and the front header seal. I'm not sure which one gets trimed to establish a clean intersection. Does anyone have this figured out :confused
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    C2 Front springs

    Anyone have information on front spring rates for C2's with big blocks? Thanks, Chris
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    Generator to alternator conversion

    Can anyone supply the info on how to rewire the alternator using the stock harness? Thanks Chris :confused
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    C1 sway bars

    Does anyone have a source for either a stock C1 sway bar (7/8"), or possibly a high performance one of larger diamater? Thanks Chris..
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    Roll bars

    Anyone have a source for a sweet looking NHRA approved roll bar for a C1?
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