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    New to me C7 Questions

    I only have one usb behind the screen. I’m talking about the one in front of the shifter and the one in the console
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    Question: original window sticker availability

    Email socialmedia@gm.com with the VIN and they'll send a build sheet. I'd like to have a window sticker but, I'm not giving $85. for it. Is there a way to figure out exactly what the codes are on the build sheet?
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    New to me C7 Questions

    2015 3LT, tried to use the phone GPS plugged into the front two charging ports and it wouldn't charge with the phone GPS running. Maintained but would charge. Tried different plugs and cords, same thing. Any ideas? I got the build sheet from GM and can't tell what some of them are. Like : 6X1...
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