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    fuel pump

    Who out thier has changed thier 82 F.P. to the 85 or later higher presure pump and did you notice any real difference.
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    Mallory Wiring

    Has anyone of you out there have a wiring diagram for the Mallory electronic ignition conversion unit.I've had one laying around for years and am going to finially use it but can't find the diagram...Thanks
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    Resto Site

    Has anyone out there have the address for GM that you get the resto kits from,options build date etc......Thanks
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    1982 ECM Conversion

    Have any of you converted your ECM to the 7747 model,if so could you post a drawing of the wiring? I've figured out all ( I hope )but 4 wires.Thanks.
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    Backup Light Switich

    Can anyone out there post a pic of the backlight switch on a man.trans.I'm trying to install one on a friends 66 and would like to see how it's linkage is connected and which side cover bolts it ties to.
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    Radio and gauge bezel

    Has anyone out there got a gauge benzel for an 82 that in soso shape,maybe the radio was stolen out of it and it got broke?.I'm installing a new radio with a CD and hate to butcher up a good panel.
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    Need Help

    Can anyone out there post a pic of the ESC module? It should be mounted on the pass.side on the heater box.I need to cobble an 84 or later part to an 82 and need to see the wires.Thanks
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    Replacement seat covers

    Anyone out there know anyone who might have a pair of 82 slate grey cloth seat covers? No one seems to produce them anymore and having them made from scratch is a bit pricy....Thanks
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    High Idle

    Happy New Year All,OK heres the problem,I have a 1982 Corvette with no fast idle when cold.The heads have been done,new,IAC motors,EGR,Temp sender,vac.hoses etc.I just had new paint done and when I went to pick the car up it wouldn't run so we got a Tech I and ended up putting a new ECM in it...
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