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    Sticker on windshield

    I've got a '90 ZR-1 with an old state inspection sticker on the inside of the windshield. Is it safe to scrape it off with a razor blade, or will I be running the risk of removing some of the lamination also?;help
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    Shipping a car

    I might be purchasing a car and I'll need to ship it... has anyone done this recently and can recommend an auto transport company? I'd fly out and drive the car back (a nice get acquainted ride), but can't. Thanks
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    1969 Engine Code question

    I checked both the technical specs page and did a keyword search, but didn't find an answer to this question, so here goes... I'm interested in a '69 427/400, but it's out of state so I have to (for now) rely on the seller reading #'s of the block to me. He read the following numbers to me...
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    New member from Colorado Springs

    Hello all, I'm looking to become a Corvette owner yet again. I've had a couple of C3 coupes in the past (a silver '81 and a black '75). I'd like to either get something older (68, 69) or newer (ZR-1). It seems like Colorado Springs has quite a few corvettes in the area, so I'm hoping I get...
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    90 ZR-1 for 18K... Is this a good deal?

    Sorry, I should start by introducing myself. I've owned a '75 L82 and an '81 in the past, but have been Corvette-less for about 10 years. I'm interested in getting back into the group. My intention was to buy an older C3, but recently saw an ad for a '90 ZR-1 that was listed at about...
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