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  1. vetteKID

    Need Pics Of 4"/5" Cowl Hoods

    I've spend probably 3 hours now searching for a picture of what a 4 or 5 inch cowl looks like on a c3. I caught a quick drive by look early this summer, but have yet to find any online. With my intentions of eventually changing my intake set up to nitrous or supercharger I would like to see what...
  2. vetteKID

    4speed not shifting out of first.

    Well, I went for a cruise at lunch a few days ago after about an hour of driving, stop and go, some 45 mph cruising. I pulled into a court to turn around and while placing it into first gear, it seemed "too easy". I then tried to place into second and it would not budge. It took some jerking and...
  3. vetteKID

    Will these head work with my stock cam?

    I was looking through my summit (great catalog) and found a set of heads I might be interested in. My car right now is sitting at a shop having the timing chain replaced, and was told that heads would be a good idea. I found these...
  4. vetteKID

    Mechanic's bad news

    To begin, my car just came out of winter storage, I took it to the mechanic to tune the new Edelbrock 600 carb, and replace the two front brakes. And I was quite happy when I got it back, ran well but still not as strong as it was when I bought it, and I did get on it a little bit. So I park it...
  5. vetteKID

    Keep Stock manifolds or headers

    Well right now I have the stock manifolds on with the unsightly AIR hoses coming off of it. I was given a set of 350 universal Chevy shortie headers, who can argue with free, and was wondering if I should attempt to put theses on and redo the exhaust. Right now I have, as previously stated, the...
  6. vetteKID

    car wont start!

    My vette has been giving me nothing but trouble, think I've been fixing more than driving it. I had the rear rebuilt, the day i got it back, brakes didn't work. I fixed the brakes, and the battery went, put an optima in. then i threw the cover on it for the winter. Took off the cover a month...
  7. vetteKID

    strange new problem with my engine.

    I've had my vette for about 3 years now, and I just started modifying it. I always had a problem with bogging under hard acceleration, but its wasn’t that bad. This winter, I put on a 50 shot nitrous system (haven’t used it yet) put on some bullet mufflers with dumps, new wires, coil and cap and...
  8. vetteKID

    HOOD mounted GUAGES

    i need to install a fuel pressure guage and nitrous pressure guage on my hood area. Now the problem is that the hood moves. how would i mount the mechanical guages in my sight and still have the hood move properly? has anyone ever done this before?
  9. vetteKID

    safety concerns with Nitrous

    now, I just received my edelbrock nitrous kit in the mail today, as I was reading the instruction manual it suggested mounting in the trunk. I already thought about this, like all of you know, the vette really doesn't have a trunk. I also ordered a blow down tube(which vents the pressure burst...
  10. vetteKID

    wondering about my mods

    i have a 74 vette and im looking to know what horsepower i have now and how to get a little more. 74 L-48 engine (195hp 275tq),60,000 miles (unrebuilt), super t-10. quadra-jet, stock bottom end, stock style clutch mods- performer intake manifold accel wires and and dist. block hugger headers...
  11. vetteKID

    whats a turbo fire 350?

    i saw an engine decal today that said 350 turbo-fire 300 horsepower. how does a turbo fire engine differ from anyother?
  12. vetteKID

    What are the best stock heads?

    i just started in the chevy world, and i was just wondering what were the best Hipo SB chevy heads that werent vortec. and whats the best bang for the buck heads?
  13. vetteKID

    clutch recommendations

    my stock clutch is toast, so now I need a replacement.I want something that will hold better than a stock clutch. any idea's on brands?
  14. vetteKID

    value of 59 vette

    a guy on my mopar board asked this question, i thought i would let the vette guys take a crack at it. "I know of a guy who has a 59 Vette, convert with both tops. Its a total kit as he was just starting to rebuild it in 1980 when he was severly hurt while at work, now disabled and hangin onto...
  15. vetteKID

    my seat belts dont work!!

    i was out for a cruise earlier this week. My passenger and I stoped for a drink and hoped back in to find that my seat belts were stuck in the retracted state. We tried and tried but the belts wouldnt come out, and unfortunatly we had to drive home with out belts. what could be the problem?
  16. vetteKID

    my rear end is making niose! CANT PIN THE PROBLEM DOWN!

    ok about a two days ago, i noticed a sound coming from the back passenger side wheel. it sounded like a metal wire was wraped around the half shaft and making a kinda weird sound. check it.....nothing. now this morning, being 80* out side, i drove it. now every time i start it makes a clicking...
  17. vetteKID

    shortie style headers......what fits a 1974 350?

    i know that there are shorty style headers and block huggers, but what will fit my 74 350? alot of the product say that it wont fit on some stock frames.......what will fit mine? and i really dont want long tubes, so no need to say that they are better...i know.
  18. vetteKID

    Non roots supercharger for Carbs...im thinking about it.

    ok, I want to have a plan for the future of my vette. I was thinking that I would spend 4 grand and have my L-48 rebuilt, but I just saw the Vortech Universal supercharger for carbureted applications, I was very intrigued by it. MY plans would be to get this system, a new carb and a new high...
  19. vetteKID

    place to get Q-jet rebuilt on east coast?

    im looking to get my Q-jet rebuilt and dialed in for less then buying a new holley which would be a out of the box and go. on the east coast around MD would be good, if any of you guys know any decent places please reply. thanks.
  20. vetteKID

    trying to get some horsepower.

    ok.....its time for alittle winter money spending. I just sold my other classic car (mopar) and i decided throw half into the vette and half into another car. heres what i got planed..........internally stock L-48 (performer manifold) by the way. -650cfm holley spread bore carb. (#8055) -Comp...
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