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  1. FarOut

    C5 carmine/Mag red web site

    Was surfing around and ran across an updated 'C5 Corvette Carmine/Mag Red Club' forum. If you drive a C5 carmine red or a mag-red or a mag-red II Vette, you all might want to give it a look-see. http://www.sunsetvette.com/magred/forums.php mike
  2. FarOut

    1986 Bose

    My Delco/Bose radio is starting to go crazy. It keeps losing stations. I've been told that there is a chip that has probably died (or is getting ready to). My GM tech says for $200.00 they will ship it to a service center. Sounds a little high to me. Any thoughts. Any help? mike
  3. FarOut

    Carmine/MagRed owners

    Okay all you Carmine Red, Magnetic Red, and Magnetic Red II owners need to sign up at: http://www.corvetteforum.net/c5/magredclub FarOut
  4. FarOut

    Corvette rings

    'Coupla years ago I received a advertisment from Balfour ring company (they do the high school graduation stuff) for a C4 ring, which I purchased and have been wearing since. It's good quality and has held up well. The only problem is that I now own a C5 and am unable to locate the Balfour ring...
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