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    1986 Z51 Coupe 4+3 manual transmission for sale - $6500

    1986 Corvette. Ready for autox or just having fun cruising. 71k miles. 5.7/350 aluminum heads L98V8 with manual 4+3 transmission. Hooker headers & Magnaflow exhaust. Upgraded front brakes to C5 type w/ larger slotted rotors & braided lines. Beautiful 17” C6 style rims w/ 285’s around. Z51...
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    86 with 4+3 tranny -- stripped plug on overdrive unit

    The transmission fill plug on the overdrive unit of the 4+3 is stripped & I can't get it out. I bought the vette in the spring & went to change the fluid. The bolt was already rounded off & I tried using vise grips & a pipe wrench but could not budge it. I ended up filling the fluid thru the...
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    Help! 86 corvette won't start - help!

    This is my 1st corvette - 86 coupe with L98 engine....as far as I can tell, mostly stock. Bought in January of this year. Last Saturday drove 50 miles, filled up 15 gals premium, drove 125 miles, topped off with premium at same gas station then drove another 50 miles....no problems, ran smooth...
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