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    Question: Does anyone have a ttop converted to convertible?

    One guy has been converting ttops to convertible since 87. David Steele , Panama City, Convertable Corvette Conversion I was wondering if anyone else does this? I`m in Canada and just wondering if someone closer does this conversion? :thumb
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    Help! steering drastically pulls left once and a blue moon!

    Steering drastically pulls left once and a blue moon! New pscv installed shouldnt be doing that.The first time it did it i was struggling to keep steering straight (really hard pull towards left)i drove a little further then i heard a snap! Then everything was going good.It happened another...
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    Help! Dome doesnt work when door is opened but works when headlight switch is turned back

    Im trying to diagnose my door jamb switches.I have a 1981 corvette.white,blue,beige wires connected to driver switch and blue and white on passenger side.my dome light goes on when headlight switch is turned backwards but not when i open one of the doors. any suggestions and where can i test...
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    sunvisor removal(telescope from elbow)

    does anyone know how to remove the telescope from the elbow.I have new visor but cant remove the old one from the elbow.anything i should know ???:W
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    Important! I want to buy WHEELS any suggestions on 20 or 18 inch

    Im thinking of buying FOOSE Nitrous and want the 20s But REALLY need input from fellow C3 owners I Wanna here the pros and cons. Pictures and Suggestions Welcome :upthumbs :beer
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    Question: I accidently removed one foam cushion for hood support

    It looked a little crooked when i went to straighten it out it popped off.It was sorta glued(not well i might add) just wondering if i should glue it back and if so what kinda glue. Little foam stick on radiator support :ohnoes
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    Help! 1981 pcv vacum from valve cover to ???

    Hello I have a 1981 small block modified with 750 CFM Four Barrel Race Carburetor but vacum hose from valve cover was not plugged.It just had pcv valve but no hose and the oil is slowly squirting everywhere making a mess.A corvette shop in montreal told me my carb is to big and to get a Demon...
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    Question: Which shop manual should i get?

    which shop manual should i get? My engine is modified but i would like to have one for everything else i might do to her. Such as panel removal n stuff. 1981 ...;help
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    Question: How do you properly store t-tops when removed??

    i just bought my first corvette 1981 and can't seem to properly position them in the rear cargo space.would anyone have a picture on how to place them ? i wouldnt want to damage them. Thanks in advance. Samm ;shrug
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